Hello, welcome to the Torture Chamber!
I just wanted to make a thread on here, where we could all discuss how far our knowledge with The Hitman series can go between everyone. Sort of like a game. Or better yet…A BATTLE here in the forum. A battle to prove who really is the “Ultimate Hitman Fan.” You have entered the Torture Chamber and only the former will leave this thread alive!

Things you may do in the Torture Chamber…

  • Ask each other Trivia questions about ANYTHING from the Hitman games for others to answer and vise versa. NO CHEATING, using wiki’s, Youtube, Google etc… This is the Torture Chamber, keep it clean. Remember, there is no honor in cheating! Plus, i trust my fellow forum people to keep it professional. :smile:

  • Start “half a quote” from any Hitman game and allow another person to finish it exactly how it’s stated in that game.

  • Say a FULL QUOTE of any Hitman game and see if somebody here can respond with the name of the person, who said your quote.

  • Make polls and or quizzes about any of the games for everyone to participate in, to see if the majority here really know The HITMAN series.

  • Take a screenshot or video of your FASTEST play-through of any Hitman game. Challenge others to try and beat your time, while achieving “Silent Assassin” rating and post it in this thread. If you challenge someone, the other person has 48HRS to respond back, with their own screenshot or video of their time for that mission. Failure to do so, will result in a forfeit.

  • Just post Non-competitive videos of your play-through’s. Share with others how you go about certain missions. Together, maybe we will find new strategies we never knew before.

  • Feel free to share any Easter Eggs you might find. Again, with everyone contributing, we might discover things we never knew before.

  • Feel free to also, come up with your own ideas and share them here in the Torture Chamber for future “DUELS.” try to keep all topics here, Trivial, Challenging and informative.

  • Most importantly…HAVE FUN!! and be theatrical with each other at times lol That’s what “Maynard John” would have wanted :laughing:

“Here we stand, the worlds best Hitman fans, only the former will leave this thread alive. Arm yourselves appropriately (with knowledge) my mutant adversaries…and we’ll commence.”

Guess the Quote (Forum Game)
Guess The Target (trivia)
Guess the Quote (Forum Game)

Don’t you want the jacket, sir?


No,just needed something from one of the pockets.I’ll pick it up later


But I have to ask you something more important.
The ambassador is a big opera fan?

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I actually have accidentally memorized 47’s barcode number. But it’s actually irrelevant at this point in the franchise.

I think I ended up memorizing it because I watched agent 47 ICA over and over. Probably more than any trailer.

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I will take the secret ingredient with me TO THE GRAVE!


“Opera, maybe. Mainly I think he is a fan of A’varo. More than fan. More than friend. As to me they are, how would you say…” :flushed:

47: “I understand”

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(20 Characters)

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Alexander Leland Cayne, states: The Ort-Meyer files are entirely useless, without what???..


a fresh bone marrow sample from 47 (not exact quote but whatever) :slight_smile:

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Correct!! Lol :wink:

(20 characters)


So even dead, he’s a threat :smiley:

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Only until he’s cremated. About 20min from now :smirk:


Can it wait for a bit, I’m in the middle of some calibrations.




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According to Hitman BM newspaper from the mission A new life,
what was the first & last name of the man, Vinnie Sinistra killed, before he turned himself in and entered the WPP???

And for an added bonus…
What were the names of the 2 men Vinnie teamed up with, during his days as one of Miami’s most notorious drug smuggling trios???

(Remember, No Cheating!!) :yum:


Errrrmmm…i dont have a clue, didnt played BM so much, because its way too easy…was one of the names Carmine Salvatore? And a Guy named Lombardi? (Or where this the optional Targets from Flatline?)


Yes you are thinking of flatline

Rudy Menzana, Lorenzo Lombardo and Carmine DeSalvo… Those are not the guys. Let’s see if someone else can get it


There is no honor in cheating lol Keep it clean :sunglasses:

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“Hey stud you’re not alone are ya?”