We're not getting an Elusive Target on Mumbai 😣

IO announced that there will be no elusive target on on Mumbai and they will be giving us the suit through an escalation.

Not only is this disappointing since Mumbai is a great map but it has me concerned. Is IO going to be cutting a lot of the support for Hitman 2? I think this is a sign that IO is going to be winding down the amount of content being released after October which includes no more new elusive targets and a lot less (if any) new Challenge packs and escalations.

With all the season pass content out it appears that IO is going to be focusing all their efforts on Hitman 3 and stopping the stream of new content for Hitman 2.


Seems that way huh.
Well I hope S3 is coming next. The Haven map is pretty layered tho; I’m loving the design. I have to be honest though, the rehashed unlockable items from mastery/challenges is very stale for me. The whole “Mark II” concept is pointless and I SERIOUSLY hope there isn’t a going to be Mark III rehashed unlockable again; literally no better than the previous Mk. While on the topic; is there actually any difference between ‘Explosive’ and ‘concussion’ grenades other than the titles? Same goes for the duck explosives - why can’t each duck at least cause different attractions; the yellow could attract only 1 but maybe the white attracts up to 2, the red up to 3 enemies attracted. The white collector duck would be ideal for one explosive that doesn’t attract attention. Alas instead they all seem to do the same thing.

It probably wouldn’t annoy me so much had I never played the Hitman Sniper mobile game they recently designed too. Hitman Sniper (m) offers weapon unlocks as well as customization of things like the scope, barrel, even ammunition type ranging from normal, explosive, proximity and a few other rather creative options that made me intrigued and immersed enough to actually 100% the mobile game (despite it only having one level aside from the separate map for zombies mode which is another one I hope they bring to the actual game cuz that mode was/is ADDICTIVE n so fun). I digress.

The suits are another irritating thing I think is being underutilized. Let’s be honest, ghost mode is a great concept but the game has never been a multiplayer title and thus the mode wasn’t destined to thrive. This doesn’t seem to make IO reconsider the amount of unnoticed assassinations required to unlock the Phantom suit (100 Unnoticed Assassinations in Gost Mode). I play on xbox, and I doubt I’ll ever unlock it because of the drastically low number of players to match with. It usually takes me 30 minutes to find an opponent, and then hopefully the person stays the whole match which can be quite long themselves honestly.

However the latest content did surprise me with a new gadget; gas. Ironic too bc I had just been thinking how cool gas would be in the game. Another thing I’m hoping they implement is a tranq sniper rifle; omg that’d be so nice.


I really am upset about this announcement. I was really looking forward to an ET in Mumbai. What I don’t understand is why they decided to make this decision. I understand that Hitman 2 didn’t sell all that well, but they shouldn’t just start cutting content like this.


Elusive Targets are a massive undertaking when you consider all the factors involved:

  • Players have to find them satisfying in a single run
  • Players have to have multiple avenues by which they can get a Silent Assassin kill
  • Players who don’t get a Silent Assassin kill need to have both a reasonable chance of escape (first time, only time) and dying (otherwise where’s the thrill?)

Mumbai was designed first and foremost around a really unique set up and story within the game, and is a setting unlike any other they have - it makes sense that it could create problems for them making an Elusive Target and they’d rather not make an extra large investment into making an ET that ends up being unsatisfying.

The potential ETs in our imaginations are always amazing, because they don’t ever have to deal with the challenges of reality.

One obvious challenge in Mumbai is a really heavily populated map - which presents obvious problems in making Silent Assassin options that don’t feel like they’re just a rehash of the default targets or popular Contracts.


It’s weird cause I saw in an interview someone from IO saying they’d be working on Hitman 2 for “years”. I assumed we’d have two years of content while they worked on H3.

I kinda believed that we’d get ones for Landslide, and new ones for Legacy maps too :frowning:


I don’t understand that decision. What a waste and disappointment :tired_face:

I really hope we will get at least one Elusive Target in Mumbai so we’ll have at least one target per location :+1:

I don’t think it’s a technical problem since they made Elusives in Sgail, Miami, even Hawke’s Bay with twins. We even had a Special Assignment in Mumbai…

Also as said on multiple posts there are lots of areas where to put the Elusive Target without having too much interactions with other NPCs if they wanted to avoid bug/scripting troubles…

I don’t think it’s a resource problem either as they’ve been putting Special Assignments and there will be like a gap of one year at least before reaching HITMAN™ 3.

I’d even prefer them letting down the upcoming Ghost Mode in Mumbai and giving us an Elusive Target on that level, which is also one of the best HITMAN™ levels ever :+1:

I’m really wondering why they took that lame decision as it will ruin the whole consistency of Elusive Targets. We’ve even had like 20+ targets on HITMAN™ so i don’t see the problem of having only “6 targets” this time…

I’m really wondering what caused this. I don’t mind if they stop the Elusive Target concept after HITMAN™ 2 but at least finish the job properly by giving a target per location!

This sequel is definitely a strange experience…


And where did they make this announcement? Would you care to provide a source?

Obviously that these special assignments are ETs turned into permanent missions.



There’s your source. Go down to where they start talking about the escalation for Mumbai this month


geez, that’s a pity. well, at least IOI was honest about not having an ET for mumbai


Shame that we won’t be seeing an ET in my favorite location. It’s weird because the rangan tower and train yard have lots of areas that could potentially work well. Also I doubt they’ll stop supporting Hitman 2 until Hitman 3’s release either in the spring or fall of 2020


As @Epic47Sides said, we really need at least 1 ET in Mumbai. There were a lot of unused areas that would of been perfect with ETs.

We should just start a petition to make IO release an ET in Mumbai. (That was a joke, but it might work)


Shame, but not that saddened, considering we’re still getting the suit. And the serial killer sounds like a really good target so I’m excited for that anyway.


I could be fanning the flames here, but it’s funny to think that the time spent on sniper maps could have been used on ETs. :stuck_out_tongue:

but I’m a Sniper map fan too


I’m gonna have to disagree with a lot on here.
Silent assassin has been limited on a lot of ET’s, most notably the revolutionary and the blackmailer. Mumbai has a lot of areas away from the crowds like back alleys, train yard, tower, hideout, etc.
Since ET’s don’t add any new exits, that means that there aren’t going to be any good escape methods unless the ET is incredibly close to an exit—which is unlikely. The Badboy for example, has one exit unless you grabbed Bosco’s car keys which would make the exit close depending on which kill you attempted.
Obviously, rehashing main targets wouldn’t happen. But I don’t see an issue with popular contracts as they’re probably popular for good reason and they haven’t been played by everyone.
I will agree that it’s hard to make a one run target satisfying. But based off of the Elusive targets we’ve gotten so far, sans undying, this doesn’t really seem to be required. I’ll have some fun with them regardless

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Disappointed to say the least. ETs were one of the most important reasons I’ve delved so deep in Hitman 2016 - I created Reddit account just for Hitman, started uploading YouTube videos for the first time in my life, registered in HitmanForum.

Elusive Targets are very important as a social element - creativity and participation are simply outstanding no matter the quality of the target.

IO are making a big mistake omitting them in H2.


Back in 2016 I was avoiding S1 cause of Absolution (I paid full price for that turd, and it ended up price dropping in a month).

I caved by the Gunrunner lol, Elusive Targets looked so fun!

Well that’s weird. IO isn’t all that good at communication, but this one just causes way too many questions. Is it just a poor wording and people blow it way out of proportion? Is there something weird with Mumbai in particular that makes it difficult to put ETs there? Is this a low key way to tell us that we shouldn’t expect too many ETs in the future?

A year after release Hitman 2 is turning into such a weird thing. I hesitate to call it incomplete, because the base game can easily stand on its own. But the support has been all over the place. We have Sniper Assassin with three maps and a very questionable perspective of getting more. Not that many people would even want more. We got these four weird Special Assignments that nobody likes. ETs got a hit because of those Special Assignments. Ghost mode is probably not worth supporting at this point.

IO makes way too many commitments. At this point H2’s main menu might start to look like that one guy who really regrets some of his tattoos. That’s not a good look.


I’m hoping that @Travis_IOI makes this a conversation point during the next stream so we can get a little more information here - because at this stage we really just have the throwaway line in the October roadmap post.

Is it simply because there is something else that has come up that caused a reallocation of resources and this is just an unfortunate consequence? Is it because Mumbai is too dense and would require too much reworking than the average Elusive Target to make it impossible to justify the amount of work invested in it? Could they not just come up with a story for an ET set in Mumbai? Are Elusive Targets being discontinued?

There’s too many questions and so little information to go off of at this stage.


I dont like Mumbai, too populated. They could make one in the Rangan tower or around the train station, but where else? But I prefer them to use their assets for H3 or other content.