We've updated our privacy policy

Yup, we did it it too. Below are the answers to some questions you may have.

What changes were made?

The wording was tweaked and expanded to include information relevant to HitmanForum's cooperation with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and information an regulatory bodies may require for for their initial reviews.

Weren't you supposed have done that in May?

Kind of. Since no part of the forum itself is owned, hosted or operated within the European Union there was no legal requirement for the forum to comply with the legislation and hence no requirement to reach compliance by that particular date.

Wait, isn't IO-Interactive in the EU?

They are, but IO-Interactive does not have any ownership or control the operation of any of this forum - they just direct people here to discuss Hitman because they like the way we handle things and have a long term relationship with the forum.

Okay, so why do it at all then?

Because I generally believe that the legislation is a positive step forward for standards involving privacy and personal information and I want people to have full confidence that Hitman Forum does take these matters seriously. It’s just generally good to comply with good regulations, better late than never.

What does this mean for me?

To be honest: Not a lot, it is mostly technical specifications about how information is used and the physical locations in the world where servers and companies are located. Nothing in the GDPR that effects how Hitman Forum actually collects and uses data or addresses concerns over personal data required any significant changes in internal policy.

So why'd it take so long?

This forum is essentially a hobby project for me and the GDPR regulations are a looooong document that cover a lot of contingencies. Given that it is a legal document and it does relate to various rights and expectations - I felt it was better to ensure I actually understood it all and Hitman Forum was actually in agreement with it rather than just say we were without checking. Also real life has a fun tendency to get in the way of things like this.

Are any other changes planned?

Yes, I consider pretty much all our guidelines to be living documents and I am intending to try to get all the guides posted by ampburner down so that he won't get spammed with people asking him to do things that really aren't his job any more.