What about the Hitman Legacy PS4 trailer? Does it mean that the first 4 hitman games from codename 47 to blood money will be remastered?

What about the Hitman Legacy PS4 trailer? Does it mean that the first 4 hitman games from codename 47 to blood money will be remastered? Is IO Interactive remastering the classic Hitman games?

No. It was a special trailer re-introducing players to the Hitman series after a six year hiatus. A throwback to ‘the good ole days’ - if you will. It was simply a trailer for Hitman 2016. IO have remastered Blood Money and Absolution in HD since. No plans to remaster C47, H2: SA or Contracts.


No, the HITMAN legacy trailer served to be a reminder for everyone that Hitman 2016 is in the same continuity as the original anthology including absolution.

But they may wanna save the project for future. Resident evil guys are remastering their old games. why cant they do the same for Hitman?

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The difference there though is the number of copies the original games sold.

Games that are generally being fully remastered/remade these days are games that turned out to be complete cashcows. The Hitman series has never been one of those games.

Yeah, I agree. But Hitman games were way better than these games. Blood Money having the highest sales margin. In 2018, I still bought the first 4 games from the Steam Store. but atleast IO took their time to remaster the 4 games in their Legacy trailer. It shows they have the potential to Remaster. Lets just hope for the best. maybe if we could get the contact details of someone who works in IO. These classic games could become the real cashcows if only they are remastered.

I dont think its gonna happen lol. What we could possibly get are a few remastered old levels. But I would Support this idea nontheless.

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Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile: like the others said, the trailer was just to advertise Hitman 2016 and was made when IO had access to those kind of graphical resources (which, sadly, they no longer do :frowning: ). I still have the old games on the old consoles, but I can see the argument for remastery.
IO are currently focused on making Hitman Season 3, but maybe after this trilogy is tied up, they could turn their attention to this? Or they’ll dedicate all resources to their non-Hitman game they’re developing at this moment.
If they did do remasteries, I believe it would be more economical if they did one game of the ‘important’ levels from the old games. There are a lot of missions that were interim missions and very repetitive (Hidden Valley!) that could be cut out. But I’d happily buy a “Hitman: The Greatest Hits”, which would show the most important missions to the storyline, in a condensed fashion.

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These aren’t remasters though, the Legacy Trailer just like all the cutscenes in 2016 except for the one in Colorado is entirely CGI. If we had a HITMAN game that looked like that right now we all would be busy staring at the light patterns at the Vixen club in Absolution. To simply put it, it’s easier for IO to port a game to newer hardware as long as the source code isn’t lost. No source code means no port. This is a discussion we had about Codename 47 back a couple weeks. It’s also a matter of sales numbers. IO would be making more money buy releasing a new game then simple compilations for next gen consoles. We all wish the Legacy meant a bigger picture, but with that we also risk things in the original games being censored this can range from religion all the way to sex. Leave them how they are is what I say. It’s easier to invest in a PC since it’s everything in one. And IO is rather consistent on making sure their older games run on modern hardware that’s changing all the time.

As others have stated, there’s no way they’re going to remaster/remake the old games, at least any time soon. HD remasters may be one thing: Blood Money & Absolution; the latter apparently being their best selling Hitman title and the former likely being the second highest depending on whether it sold more than the two most recent titles and if not, then still likely the best selling of the older games.

Next year is the 20th Anniversary of the Hitman franchise. I can see them potentially releasing tweaked versions of maps from Hitman 2016 & Hitman 2 to semi-recreate/reimagined classic levels from Hitman especially since some are already sort of homages to older levels that would only need a few minor tweaks & nudges to make them even closer.

  • Whittleton Creek to A New Life (BM)
  • Bangkok to Traditions of the Trade (C47/C)
  • Santa Fortuna to A Vintage Year (BM) or Say Hello to My Little Friend (C47)
  • Paris to Invitation to a Party (SA)
  • Sapienza to Anathema (SA) or Beldingford Manor ©
  • Miami to Murder of Crows (BM)
  • etc etc

Even that isn’t at all guaranteed – anything beyond simply tweaking current levels to resemble older ones, would be a crazy surprise and not something they’re likely working on any time soon. They have two groups; one is working on an IP with WB Games, the other one is likely in the planning stages for Hitman 3 & working on whatever else is left for Hitman 2.