What are some funny npc names


I’ve been playing around in contracts mode, and have discovered a lot of funny npc names. For instance, in Paris, there is a model talking to her agent called Dennis the Agent. So I was wondering, what are some other funny npc names?


There’s a guy in bangkok called Crowbar


One of the crew members in the room with the birthday cake for Club 27 has the nickname “Blue Balls”.




Stephan Ampburner. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Jack Please


Saw this somewhere else on the forum but there’s a woman in The Source named Robert Egg.


There’s a guy in World of Tomorrow called Claudio Spaghetti. I think he is in the mansion grounds as a housekeeper.


The hotel staff member who’s following Mrs. Mookjai in “Club 27” and “The Source” is called Bob.

There also a mercenary named John Doe in “The Source”.


Well, that’s Thailand



Tiwat, at your service! :confounded: :laughing:


Mario Salvador & Luigi Salvador


Herb McGreenwood in Sapienza (main square) and Mike Hunt (recording crew) in Thailand.



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I watch mungadungalis stream and the security guard standing in front of Himmapan Hotel front entrance in The Source.

His name is only “Dang”



Actually, almost all of the guards near the pier have such names


Could that be a reference to DJ Jazzy Jeff?


The journalist in Landslide is called Professor Antonio is strange. Antonio could be the name, because it’s a popular one in Italy. But Professor? He’s not a teacher, so Professor isn’t the job. Often we call “Professor” doctors and he’s not a doctor. Is it the surname? But why is before the name and not after as any other NPC?
Another strange name, always in Landslide, is Dr. Docciaborsa. In italian “doccia” means “shower” and “borsa” means “bag”. It’s like he’s called Dr. Showerbag. Sounds funny!


Shower bag. Ha. I think it’s a reference to popular (at least where I live) insult ‘douchebag’. And maybe Professor is his real first name?