What are some funny npc names


Maybe, but I don’t think in Italy there are people with “Professor” as a first name. But it’s a videogame. It could be everything. What does it means “douchebag”? When do you insult someone calling hime “douchebag”?


Nico Gros
( Gros means fat in french )


I guess it’s just a softer version of ‘dickhead’. A douche is a female hygiene product, so I’ve never asked nor do I want to lol.


There is a guy called André Cliche in Paris. He’s somewhere in the attic


I’ll say it to someone being overly obnoxious, presumptious or egotistical.

Overall the type of person that is very confident of himself and on his perception of life, but whose personality, appearance and actions make other people uncomfortable (not jealous).