What are the possible mission dates in Hitman 2016 and onwards?

I don’t know if the topic is correct. This post covers both of the newer games.

What I know is:

Paris most likely takes place in late October or early November of 2019. This is evidenced by the airplane ticket in the Legacy trailer which has 16.25.10 under Flight & Date. I’ll assume the 16 is the year and is a mistake since they have established that the game is in 2019. The various posters and banners in the palace say the Napoleon exhibition lasts from November to February. The reporter in the beginning says ‘Paris fall fashion show’.

Haven’t played Patient Zero but I’ve read that some NPCs talk about the events of the Showstopper level. So this means the campaign takes place at least after the Showstopper and is most likely canon.

Landslide takes place in August of some year (2017 or 2018 most likely), either the 5th, 6th or 7th, evidenced by the festival banners.

The Icon apparently takes place before Landslide as some NPCs talk about Dino Bosco’s death but I haven’t confirmed this.

House Built on Sand I assume takes place before A Gilded Cage.

Someone on reddit said said that the poster for the statue unveiling in Santa Fortuna says July(2020?). I have not played Hitman 2018 so I cannot confirm.

The wikia says Whittleton Creek takes place in September 2020, but I don’t know where the evidence for this is.

Ark Society is set on November 13th, presumably 2020.

The obituaries of the Providence Partners in the briefing for the bank mission all say they died on May 24th, presumably 2021.

There are many calendars throughout the levels but they are pretty inconsistent. I think they’re just used as a random prop, not intended to actually be correct.

I’ve got nothing for the other missions.


The client for landslide is Silvio Caruso, so Landslide takes place either before the showstopper or in-between the showstopper and world of tommorow


Yeah and The Icon was billed on the store page as 47’s first visit to Sapienza

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Good post. Youre right about Paris & Santa Fortuna, Ive studied the timeline before so I know a few things too, prepare to read a bit:

The Source happens very soon after Club 27, because the staff is still cleaning the trash from the band and an NPC in Nabazov’s exposition says that Jordan Cross died recently on the hotel.

The Author definitely takes place just before Nightcall (Hawkes Bay), because the news reporter broadcast on Alma Reynard’s TV mentions that Craig Black died not too long ago.

We already know that Nightcall takes place around 1 week after Situs Inversus, because 47 says so to Diana in the cutscene after you finish Nightcall. This means the PZ campaign starts shortly after Club 27, and its second mission starts around Situs Inversus, but before Nightcall.

The Vector and Patient Zero (Hokkaido) are ambiguous as to when they happen but they’re likely set after Nightcall, because the news reporter on Alma’s TV also mentions Soders’ death at GAMA, but doesn’t say anything about Owen Cage or Klaus Liebleid, so its possible that both missions hadn’t happened by the events of Hawkes bay yet.

Can confirm, its actually Abiatti who says this. He talks to an npc while taking pictures on the festival and casually mentions that Dino made his last film on Sapienza “a few years back”, so The Icon possibly takes place around 2015 or 2016.

Yup, Landslide is set in 2018, at least 1 year before World of Tomorrow. We are told in World of Tomorrow that Silvio is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of his mom’s death, he smothered her and killed her in her sleep after she abused him for years.

If I recall, Landslide has an npc conversation about Silvio’s mom, and it implies that she’s still alive when 47 is there to kill Abiatti. So the timeline here is something like: in August 2018 Silvio hires 47 to kill Abiatti, then Silvio kills his mom some time later, and then exactly one year after that, either in late 2019 or early 2020, 47 kills Silvio on his mom’s anniversary.

It’s implied. The fortune teller npc appears in both missions, in AHBOS his fortune-telling shop is up and running, while in Gilded Cage he’s asking for money in the streets and his store is closed down. You can assume that 47 caused him to close his business and live off the streets, after you do the mission story where you kill Matthieu Mendola with the fortune teller disguise.

Also, in Gilded Cage the fences around the school entrance are broken down because Zaydan’s troops rammed a tank through them. Meanwhile in AHBOS, those fences arent broken yet. Both are subtle hints that AHBOS may be set before Gilded Cage.

Well that mission is clearly set during autumn so it likely happened in late September, or early/mid October at best since there isnt any halloween decorations in any of the houses yet.

That’s a minor oversight/continuity error, just like the calendars you mentioned. The cutscenes for Sgail and New York show that Grey and 47 depart to search for the Partners right after they kidnap and interrogate the Constant. Diana calls them while they’re travelling and tells them about the Bank and the strict time limit to obtain their identities so they have to act quick. Its clear that New York happens right after the Sgail mission, which as we all know is on November 13.

The Haven Island briefing implies it happens very soon after the Bank too. I’d say all three missions took place at most within mere days of each other, all of them in November 2020, one year after The Showstopper.

Well, we do know the Himmelstein mission happened just before Hawkes Bay, because the news reporter in Alma’s TV also says that the last member of the Yardbirds (the client of the Himmelstein mission) was arrested for trying to run off with millions of bitcoins after the death of his colleagues.

I dont know when the other sniper missions take place though. They’re self-contained and don’t mention any dates so they’re ambiguous. Make of them as you will.

Thx 4 reading the massive wall of text btw :^)


Thank you for adding more information and confirming various things. As for the partners thing, I actually thought it made little sense for the May 24th date to be correct but still went ahead because I wasn’t that knowledgeable about H2018’s story.

To be honest, I doubt there is an actual timeline set in stone. I think they just put the various references to other levels because it’s cool for players to find and not to establish each level’s place in the time period this game takes place in.

This is something that could be useful