What are the ranks of the ICA? (Absolution Spoiler)


(Spoiler warning for Absolution) Title says it all, what are the ranks of the International Contract Agency (ICA)?
I know stuff like NOV, PLUS, ALPHA, GAMMA and stuff, but there has to be more, like, different types of directors, as shown with training directors and board directors, proving there are multiple, and if you research the Saints, from Absolution, since they are ICA agents, it was shown one was given the rank EAGLE, and another SPARROW, does anybody know the full list? Thanks.



There’s no listing of every single rank that I’m aware of.



I’m pretty sure a comprehensive list doesn’t exist because IOI still retains a certain amount of mystery surrounding the internal structure of the ICA.

What I can say is that the entry-level rank is NOV, then PLUS, ALPHA, GAMMA, DELTA, until we reach TETRA (which was Benjamin Travis’ rank). EAGLE and SPARROW also exist, but their place in the order of promotions is not certain. I’m tempting to say they’re field operative ranks, but GAMMA is a rank used by both field operatives (LaSandra Dixon and Agent 47) and bureaucrats (Burnwood and Travis).

Travis was a previously a member of the ‘ICA Tech Board’ when he designed a number of Agency programs, so presumably it’s a design bureau for new initiatives, like the Saints. He later became Division Chief (also called Head of Division), although it’s not clear where it lies in the greater hierarchy.

It would have helped to have more information on Erich Soder - about whom the game is surprisingly vague on his career beyond the Knight assassination - because he was a member of the main board, and the only named director in the series. The fact that he is referred to as a ‘Training Director’ make me think the ICA is built like a company: there is a board wherein each director is responsible for a different function (i.e. recruitment, training, operations, equipment, R&D, finances, customer services, etc). Within those departments, there are multiple divisions, each responsible for different subtopics of these areas of expertise, such as different geographical locations. It’s possible that Travis was the head of the assassination division within the operations department, with other divisions handling mercenary services and item recovery.
“The Setup” also mentioned that the ICA has an “Intelligence Department”.

I believe the Hokkaido briefing mentioned that Providence kept files on all ICA board members, so it would be interesting to see who the board are, though I imagine they’re similar to the people listed in the novel. I believe Yuki Yamazaki implied that one of the board (not Soders) may have been working with the Shadow Client

I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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Yeah those are the ranks I thought existed, except TETRA, but I guess we have to wait till its released, (if it ever is)