What are those things in Colorado?


Where the scare crow is located, there are some things in the trees above that show up
when you use your instinct. What are they or what are they used for?


Some items are incorrectly marked when you use your Instinct sometimes; this is the case, I think.


might be the lights or apricots? Idk tho I would need a screenshot


Probably a cut opportunity tied to those things


I might be wrong but I think it may be related to the militia technician with the Interpol badge in the area near the scarecrow.
There’s a fuse box on the roof by the water tower that lures the technician when you turn it off. If you use your instinct you can see that it connects to the scarecrow area by a yellow power line. Maybe that’s what OP is talking about? Could be completely mistaken though.


I played it last night and took a closer look. What they are lights hanging over the men working. I assume you can shoot them. I forgot to try it though.