What are you eating or cooking?


We all know how food is prevalent in the Hitman series as it is a main focus of ways to poison your targets.

As a Professional chef, foodie and eater I’d love to learn about all of your favorite foods or ethnic dishes that make up your heritage being that this Forum has members from around the world.

I am Greek & Italian primarily so mediterranean food is what I grew up with but as Chef I’ve learned to cook almost any cuisine from Indian, Asian, European.

You can share pics, recipes, or stories of how food has impacted who you are. I’d love to learn about all the food you cherish.

Being that is Orthodox Greek Easter today check out my Spanakopita (Spinach & Feta Cheese Pie)

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Popcorn with liquid butter…


I am a simple man with simple tastes give me a curry or spag bol and I’m happy. Even better give me a kebab with a tonne of sweet and salty pocorn for after I love popcorn too @Postal_Dude :smiley:.


It looks delicious! In personal taste, I like simple things, like beans with rice or a good steak with a lot of salad and potatoes.


Nice Kermit or kimmett lol


Agreed food doesn’t have to be complicated.


Vegemite, much better than that nasty Marmite stuff from the UK. It’s tolerable, but inferior.

…and to all those ‘[Insert nationality here] try Vegemite’ videos, for heaven’s sake we don’t eat it straight out of the jar with a tablespoon!


I tried that along time ago but what is the best dish you know of using vegemite?


Seriously though, i really don’t care what i eat as long as it fills me up and doesn’t contain syringe injected cyanide.


Apart from having it on a freshly toasted slice of bread, Vegemite Scrolls of course.


Oh my days I 100% agree with this. Vegemite is the greatest thing. Most people seem to hate it because they’re having it wrong on their sandwiches/toast, you’re meant to put butter on first and THEN put on the vegemite! Christ, people!

Anyone who legitimately dislikes vegemite is scum. As you said, marmite is awful, too.


Shoo, shoo, shoo. Go shoot at some beer cans you big ape.

LOL. :grinning:


So tell us how you really feel. Lol


I always order a steak with red wine when I’m out. It’s hard to fuck up good meat. If it’s an italian place I usually go for Spaghetti Carbonara. That’s a bit more risky but worth it if the chef knows how to make a good one.

I make quite a lot of pizzas (or pizze for the pretentious people lol) when I cook at home. I steal dough and mozzarella at work so it’s quite effortless.

Not my creation but that’s usually the type I go for.

Oh and since this is a food related thread I feel like bragging. I’ve cooked for IO before but sadly didn’t have time to do the delivery.


I’m a big lover of cheesy-bake things. Pasta bake, moussaka, etc etc. I’m more of a dessert person myself: cheese cake, crumbles… I found a recipe for a trifle cheesecake not too long ago which I’m dying to try out.


Awesome I actually made pizza yesterday.


Speak for yourself m80


General Tso’s Chicken


Had the Most amazing Steak Tartare when I was in Paris.


I’m a sucker for feasts. Probably my favorite meal is roasted turkey, cornbread stuffing, corn, peas, and mashed potatoes (I’m a potato fiend). Sometimes I’ll layer these inside large homemade dinner rolls to create a sandwich.

Favorite soup is chicken dumplings. If the dumplings are numerous and soft, it’s heaven. Really spicy chile soup is great, too. Needs beans and a lot of meat, preferably beef or venison.

I’m down for Mexican food any day. If I was ever rich, I wouldn’t lay on a bed of money, I’d lay on a bed of burritos and hot sauce.