What are you eating or cooking?


Just had some delicious calamari. Sorry for no photos, I was hungry.


Seriously? My home is not a restaurant. The reason I named it “style”. Of course I did not include shrimp or seafood or chicken because I didn’t have any.

The dish was prepared however in the “style” of a paella which is the flavorings and method used to prepare it.


My goodness. Your food pics always make me hungry. Everything always looks delicious. :smile:


This was given to me by my Chinese Co-worker. I accepted it in kindness-and in kindness I took a bite in front of her. In kindness I didn’t spit it back out.

I hate foreign “candy” I flat out tell people don’t give me that foreign shit. I guess I am a fat American slob because candy from other places taste like tofu…or like food that is healthy. It’s not sweet, or sugar filled.

Said the symbol is for something to the effect of “having everything” or being well and happy in all things.

I waited till she left and down a few glasses of water to get the taste out my mouth-dry…like a cookie with no flavor


today I made a danish style paella. real tasty


What makes its danish style paella? Awesome! Better check with @Supernova to make sure it’s legit… lmao


added pork meatballs, roasted potatos and bacon


Sounds delicious! 20 meatballs


Man, I once had some of that candy, and it was disgusting. I don’t know what they make it with, but it’s horrible.


Apple Pie Anyone?


Made these Chocolate Covered Strawberries in honor of Valentines Day for the ladies in my life! @FantumX I know you like my pics.


You inspire me to start cooking more. :smile:


Oh yeah!


Found a great Thai place while away for work. Seafood Pad Cha.


I really want to puke(This is not mine)


This shit is Rössypottu. This is traditional food in Oulu:/ I have pretty funny story about this. When me and my friends were in 1th grade in School lunch this was the first time(last) we tasted this shit. My friend literally puked:D


That looks odd I must say.


Smoked beef chuck




My breakfast for today.