What are you eating or cooking?


I really need to mute this thread. It’s gonna make me fat. It’s like watching “Man vs Food”. That show always made me SOOOO hungry.


Well, I admit, I may have had waaay too much bacon on my plate.


I was kinda thinking it wasn’t quite enough :joy:. Bacon is mother nature’s greatest gift to mankind. EVER!!!



Yo @Chef-assassin any recipe recommendations or personal favourites for the slow cooker?

Inb4 pulled pork :joy:


Oh you could cook
Anything in them. I don’t have any recipes as I do t use the slow cookers. But take any tough piece of beef or pork add veggies tomatoes seasonings and it will melt in your mouth. I still cook it old school braising in oven.


Made Pasta Puttanesca

Custom sauce with anchovy paste, lemon juice asparagus and black olives. Dang good!!


Look at these pics…I am so hungry:disappointed_relieved:


Good old bacon :heart_eyes:


Chickpea curry with peanut butter and rice.

Went VEGAN:seedling: a couple months ago.


Have you lost weight being vegan? Sounds great


Don’t forget to try some vegan cake… YUM! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t feel like I’ve lost weight. Some of my pants are sligthly more loose around the waist but that’s it. I feel generally better, but I think it’s not been long enough to tell properly.

@AGENT4T7 There’s a vegan restaurant in my town and their peanut butter 'cheese’cake is amazing. Found vegan brownies too down at the market the other week and I was surprised I actually prefer the texture and taste of the vegan ones.


Hmm, I’ve never had any vegan ‘baked goods’ tbh. I may have to give it a try :yum:


I hope you’re not Italian cuz if you are, you used the wrong tomatoes and you are forever banished from the Italian tomatoe sauce making community. lol.

You’re suppose to use San Marzano tomatoes. If you haven’t, try it. Tom sauce comes out WAYYYY better with the best plum tomatoes (San Mariano’s).

The ones you used here are Italian “style”. Get authentic.


San Marzano isn’t the only tomato that exists. I know quite about them and their taste as the volcanic ash that imparts the flavor. However, they are also quite expensive so have to make the best of what you can afford. Besides my sauce taste fucking awesome as I have been told and I use a variety of tomatoes. It’s the love you put in. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To an Italian, that’s all that exists. Ask my mother. :rofl::rofl:

Ok, you got me there. :ok_hand:

Anyways, happy birthday!!! I see your cake :eyes:


Chocolate Chip Banana Bread


Appetite triggered!



You are a chef-assassin no doubt.


Was in Atlanta, GA last week and had this awesome smoked pork belly with Watermelon. So good.