What are you eating or cooking?


The vegan part is weed.


I wish.

Today I made some bean currytos with kale. Had it with chocolate oat drink on the side. I keep discovering more and more vegan versions of dairy products. So far I’m only really hooked on soya milk and choc plant milk. Mayo and cheese are fucking great too, but I find that I don’t really miss these products at all so it’s a nice bonus once in a while, neither will be a recurring purchase.

Alpro icecreams are the shit though, with some berries, bananas, peanut butter. I’ve yet to try it with the Lotus Biscoff spread.


Juicy chiken tikka masala, with mint chutney garnished with onions, cucumbers with a hint of lemon juice.


And cracking a cold one with the boys :smiley:


Brined some Turkey Legs, Thighs and wings for 24 hours. Then dry rubbed them and smoked them using Applewood. They came out great.

In between checking on the smoker I did a recon of The Entertainer. I was wearing the Casual Suit with Gloves and an NPC said welcome to Bangkok Mr Rieper. Now I realize the suits and recorded dialogue are tied together but wow what a missed opportunity.

I’m in Morocco for gods sake.

Anyway I know what to do just need to do it.


I usually have a vegetarian meal day per week so this day I made black & white bean burgers with an avocado + plain yogurt cream sauce on whole wheat buns. Turned out awesome.


Just rice. I have pretty bland tastes and I really can’t bother going to the store. Might make pasta tomorrow.


Food. I eat food. (20 foods)


Practicing my sandwich making/photo editing today.

Moar sandwich


Hope everyone can read it… :smile:


I am eating coco pops. It’s morning right now. For me.


I’m about to go and get some fucking french fries yo




Pic or it didn’t happen.


Now I’m hungry. I need to go to subway or McDonalds right now.


I feel like asking Gordon Ramsay if he has ever (while recognised as a famous chef) warmed up some amateur food like Two Minute Noodles or Easy Mac. Would be fun to know.


Its always good to have a bottle of clorox on the side. :ok_hand:


Being around you will do that. :ok_hand:


Lolololol :rofl:


Borscht. Plain and simple. :wink:


Balcony chillin