What are you eating or cooking?


Going vegetarian mate?


Been trying to cut out meat 3-4 times a week. So yes I guess. I feel great. Lost 15 pounds and I eat a lot.


Sweet mate. I’ve been eating all vegan for some months now. :metal:


It’s harder than most people think. Most places and restaurants feature meat. All the supermarkets sell processed foods cheap and most contain meat. As a chef in the industry for years and cooking meat always I definitely have a new respect for vegans and vegetarians.

I recently attended a plant forward seminar and I have a history of high cholesterol so figured I would try and cut back on meat and dairy. This journey is helping me both personally and professionally. So far it’s been great. Only time will tell if I can stick to it.

Because of my profession I have to cook and taste meat so not much I can do there.


Since you missed it, I thought I’d fill the void with a small late night snack. Naan with hummus. :smile:


I’ve been playing Sapienza a lot lately - currently working my way through the challenges on professional difficulty. Every time I play that level I get a craving for traditional Italian Margherita wood-fire oven pizza. I’m making some at home tonight for the first time. No, I don’t have a wood-fire oven. But I bought the next best thing - a ceramic pizza stone! Going to chuck it in the oven later. Currently waiting for the dough to set and rise. I’ll post a photo once it’s done (just to get your mouths watering). If you like the look of it… I can post the recipe too :smiley:


Love my naan @immadummee47


Did you make the pizza?


My uncle in NY owns one of those old school pizzerias that make those type of pizzas. I usually go down to visit once every 2-3 yrs and when I’m there, it’s basically pizza 3-4 times a week. It’s that good. Gourmet pizza is the best.


Do you have like a cooking channel?

Is it possible to watch you do all this stuff?


I don’t unfortunately. Work far too many hours to do that. Lol


@Chef-assassin @immadummee47 @Sean_Leary

It turned out ok :slight_smile:

I’m going to be making them much more often. If any of you want the recipe I can inbox it to you!


That’s awesome! If I had a relative that owned a pizzeria I’d be visiting much more often than 2-3 yrs haha!


PM me my dude.


Will do late today :slight_smile:


So when I visited quinn, we ate at this place called falafel king. Great veggie place. I got genuinely inspired to try making that kind of food back home.

So I roasted up some carrots and edamame beans, along with the falafel.

Then put it in pita bread with humus and sun dried tomatos. Added a little curry sauce to top it off.

And fucking aye it was good. Next time I’ll try it with some vinegar drenched kale.


Looks awesome.


They called me at work for 2 weeks because they were behind with a lot of reservation emails.

And since I live pretty far from my workplace they gave me an apartment free of charge, but I have to provide food for my self on my own expense.
Of course I don’t really know how to cook so this is what I’m eating

Noodles in a can is really tasty actually


My lunch: Tikka Masala, plain basmati and of course @Chef-assassin, naan. :smile:
Sauce is awesome. A nice touch of cayenne pepper always does the trick.


Do you always have nan in your meal?
Where do you live.