What are you eating or cooking?




That’s Indian menu, so I asked.


Nah. Just had it for a late snack the other night and then all those pics from chef assassin made me hungry to make Indian. And I can’t have Indian without naan. :grinning:


Slightly too watery oatmeal… but I’ve lost 12 lbs with my new diet, so that’s good!


Wow looks really great!!!


Beautiful! The bread is a naan issue though.



Gotta say, a YT channel featuring your culinary skills and creations would be pretty awesome. But a real world Chef’s life is not very accommodating for that, I’m sure. :weary:

Oatmeal is one a very, VERY few foods I just can’t stand. You can pile on brown sugar and fruit by the bushels and it still feels like I’m eating mud. Shame too cuz heart and cholesterol issues run in my fam. But I’m still gonna say PASS! :grin:




Saturday is cooking day for me. So here’s my latest masterpiece.

Disclaimer: I set up the table just for this pic, I usually eat in front of my computer. :sweat_smile:


Nice dish. Looks yummy!


Love me some flapjacks!


Less watery oatmeal


I know I post alot of pizza pics but everyone in the family seems to love it so I make it often. Cheese pizza and a buffalo chicken with red onion and a couple fresh cherry tomatoes that were left from the garden!


Did you make the dough from scratch?


More home-made Italian from me. Just finished a batch of home-made gnocchi. It will be served later with a green pesto, chicken and veggie sauce. Will post a picture of the final product to get your taste spuds watering :sunny: :wine_glass::rofl:


Looks absolutely delicious! :yum:


The final product :slight_smile:


I’m not gonna lie i would watch the shit out of a cooking youtube channel if you made one.