What are you eating or cooking?


Wow that looks like a wonderful pizza! :yum::yum:


Very nice and colorful!!


You are quite the chef aren’t you?Everything is so colored and looks tasty as hell!



Total coincidence, I went to Applebee’s for lunch with my son yesterday (a tradition for us) and I ordered their Caprese Mozzarella Burger. Sadly, it honestly lacked any taste whatsoever. :smirk:. Very bland.


That was your first mistake. Unfortunately they don’t make anything at Applebee’s. They purchase all the vegetables precut. Use precooked bacon and marinated steaks that are prepackaged. They do cook these onsite but everything is so Heavily marinated. Years ago they were much better. They don’t even know what a caprese Salad is probably.



Some old fashioned mashed potatoes with chicken breast dipped in egg and fried. Also obviously need some nutrition from the greens.


Looks good! I grew up eating thinly sliced chicken cutlets dipped in egg and 4c (That’s a brand name) Italian Seasoned Breadcrumbs. I still make them from time to time. Even if I make my own breadcrumbs from scratch it’s just not the same as 4c! Food memories ahhhh!

Keep cooking!


Righto, I could cook up something like that, usually I just get already shredded breadcrumbs from the store they sell in cans. I focus most of my attention into the egg sauce though, it’s full of flavour from herbs, paprika, garlic and soy sauce.


I’m going to go eat some crabs.


So many images going thru my head with that simple comment. Most of them not good. Not good at all. :joy:

That is unfortunate, though I guess I’m not totally surprised. But I have to admit, regardless of how the jouney unfolded from cow to plate, I still love their Bourbon Street Steak. DO NOT TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME with some horror story! I implore you! :yum:


I grew up on veal cutlets. That was our Italian family’s tradition. But chicken cutlets are awesome too.


Poor baby calves born into nets they often never even walk. This is why the meat is so tender. They don’t develop any muscles or toughness of the meat. :frowning:️ With that being said.

Yeah veal cutlets are awesome! Squeeze fresh lemon on them and they are the best thing ever. Don’t get me wrong I used to eat veal too but I won’t anymore. Cut back on meat altogether.


Ya for sure. I’ve cut down on my meat intake as well. More fish like salmon above and lots of vegan style dinners. Tonight I’m making falafels and I’m baking them as opposed to frying for a healthier choice.

The oven is beeping. Brb. :joy:


Awesome! Falafel sandwiches are soooo good!


Just finished. They ended up really good. And ya, falafel sandwiches are awesome. First time I’ve made them.


Did you make tahini sauce with them?


I made “sauce”, yes. Plain yogurt, cucumber bits, salt, pepper and dry dill.


Try some tahini paste, lemon juice, garlic, water, salt pepper and parsley with some chili flakes.


Awesome!! Thanks for the ingredients. Will do next time.