What are you eating or cooking?

Looks delicious!!!

Italian cuisine is where it’s at.

Otherwise I like a good burger (not McD) with good fries (again not McD). And raclette of course.

My Sushi production line


post a finished plate!

These are to go California rolls. Here you go!


Pan cooked shrimp in butter with minced garlic, Cajun spices and a squirt of lemon to finish. Served with salad and homemade ranch dressing and don’t forget the homemade garlic bread. Seared snapper with shrimp sauce is a nice alternative.

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Haha. Nothing like a cheeky Kebab. With salad, garlic mayo and a bit of chilli. Spag Bol and Curry’s I have every week. Sometimes I throw in some Fajitas or a Chilli. Good times. Ultimate take out for me is Domino’s pizza. I just love eating. Need to get back on the weights my Dad bod is getting more… DADLIER.

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Haha I lost almost three stone but I have put about 5/6 pounds back on through going back to old eating habbits not good. Speaking of fajitas just had four and they were amazing :grinning:.

A little doughy ehh? Been there

Nothing beats an “expired” can of chef boyardee :laughing:


Went wild yesterday in Budapest. Had a huge Gyro plate with cheddar cheese, then a falafel tortilla and later a massive BBQ burger with 3 patties, lots of pickled veggies and fries with the half liter of jack daniels and beer inbetween. In the span of a few hours. I feel disgusted by myself.

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I’m making the sauce.


hahahah very good and no thanks, i saw what happend to Silvio, a real killer sauce :wink:


Having me some “Five Guys” yum! :hamburger::fries: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


MILANESA. I don’t know how is called in other countries. It’s a breaded beef steak.


Yum! Looks great. Call it the same in U.S.

Style of Milanese is any thin cutlet of meat breaded basically. In German it’s schnitzel but it is a breaded cutlet.

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Probably thought it was chocolate paste of some sort and had a huge bite on their first try.

I’m such a huge foodie! I work in a restaurant, but I’m a bar manager, not a chef. I always base where I go on the amount and quality of restaurants in the area!

I love cooking though! My favourite dish is probably a beef Wellington, although I’ve never attempted it myself!

One of my favourite things to make is really simple! Slow cooked meatballs in tomato sauce, on a garlic and herb naan bread, topped with grated cheese and grilled!

Fuck, I’m hungry now.

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Death, with a side of bullets.

In all honesty, here’s what I am eating:

Lmao I didn’t pay for this my friend did.
Otherwise I’m snacking on Hitman and dry cereal.


It looks tasty, but the portion also seems small and I’m pretty sure that it’s an expensive meal.