What are you eating or cooking?


Vegan peanut butter and orange chili


Spinach and tomato pesto pasta with coconut cheese


Cashew cheese and beetroot hummus. Loving my new food processor.


Homemade burgers are best burgers.


OMG, this is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Would be an awesome surprise at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Anyone here up to the challenge of replicating this? :grin:


Chickpeas and crushed walnuts in masala spices with a bit of peanut butter, baked sweet potatoes, raw beetroot salad, steamed broc & carrots and finally some spinach and onion infused cashew cheese.


Yesterday I ate this big mozzarella (not all obviously). It’s called Zizzona, made with buffalo milk. Wonderful!


La zizzona di battipaglia :yum:


Happy Thanksgiving! Here we go!!! 3 day Dry Brined bird going in the oven.


Looks like another masterpice in the making. What did your bird weigh in at? I saw a 28 pounder in the store the other day. I’m like “WTF?”

Enjoy your day!


Same to you. This one is 21 pounds.


Roasted Butternut Squash before and after & Roasted Spaghetti Squash.


Maple Cinnamon Sweet Potato Mash.


Herb Stuffing with Fresh Sage, rosemary and thyme. Glazed Carrots and Asparagus.


Turkeys Done.


can i hav sum plese?


Mate, that looks delicious af. Imma get into that whole cashew cheese thingy.

I did vegan burritos this evening. Soy “meat”, yams, carrots, black beans and some store bought taco sauce. No pics but it was dope.


Thanks man. I use nutritional yeast flakes, and just soak your cashews for a long while. Only takes about 20 minutes, but the longer you do, the creamier it will be. I sometimes also use oat cream to ease it up as well.

I did some burritos with black beans too yesterday haha. I need to look up some sour cream recipes, cause not a huge fan of the coconut and soy yogurts that are available in stores. Yams are life. I hated them so much for a while after first trying, but now I can’t go a day without having at least one.

Some soy meats are crazy realistic. I used to get these tomato and bean ones from Asda and accidentally got a soy/wheat one one time as they have the same packaging. Had to do a double take on the box after the first bite.

Tried tofurky at work too yesterday and it was also super bizarre after not eating meat for a year.


Little vegan breakfast burrito from yesterday. Made some scrambled tofu with red onion, red pepper and kale. Used turmeric and black salt for that eggy taste and some terragon, just because.

There’s a four bean mix in tomato sauce with a caribbean spice mix, then some crushed peanut burgers and avocadoes.

Made the same thing this morning, but instead of the burger it was leftover jacket sweet potato, and guac on the side.


My stomach is rumbling looking at that!


Looks awesome! Very nice.


Wow! Looks like one of those pics you find on articles/google image that usually require a long time to make and are made just to make the food look amazing! THAT’S HOW GOOD IT LOOKS!