What are you eating or cooking?


Hanging out with my sis and we made this. Pasta fettucine with spinach and a vegan sauce with soy “meat”, carrots and edamame beans. My fave things lol. @Grim




Mmm-hmm I love me some hood rice. Nice and greasy and full clogged arterie goodness.

Not my fav but good enough


Thanks guys. It didn’t take long at all, maybe 20 minutes most and it’s quite easy to prepare. I have to say I’m quite hooked to that tofu scramble now and can’t wait to make some more. Maybe a full vegan English breakfast next. I’m still experimenting with the rice paper bacon, but sausages are easy to find in Tesco, Asda or pretty much anywhere.

@Pissfloyd That looks amazing. Spinach is unbeatable I swear. Sometimes I use it for my pasta sauce too, with the violife parmesan. And carrots should e n everything.

How was the soy meat?


Crazy good. Dunno how they make it but it tastes like meat.


Took a stab at some Thai food for the first time. Spicy Thai Basil Chicken on plain basmati rice. Turned out alright. 7/10. Needed a touch more whole brown sugar to get a better glaze and didn’t have fresh basil as both stores by me didn’t have any left so I had to use dry basil.



Still looks yummy! I like your plates btw.


@Chef-assassin beat this lol


There’s some weird chemical components thing going on that’s way too complicated for me to comprehend, however, essentially meats, soy sauce, yeast, cheese and some other stuff share the same flavor profile called “umami”.

I made some smoked paprika-soy sauce mix for a stew the other day and I swear to god it smelled exactly like certain smoked sausages from my country. Also, the “rice paper bacon” marinade I made from nutritional yeast, soy sauce and liquid smoke came really close to the actual bacon flavor, unfortunately I just couldn’t bake it to perfect crispy texture I wanted. It came out all gooey and weird or just burnt to coal, but was tasty nonetheless.

Yesterday I found a new bar in town that does southern US food and drinks. They also have some vegan options and vegan versions of meaty foods. I had the gumbo last night with cornbread, salted caramel lemonade and rebel yell whiskey. Wasn’t a fan of the whiskey, but the rest was amazing.

Also, some breakfast from a lounge not far from me. Sweet Potato waffles with avo and seeds, vegan breakfast plate with mushrooms, spinach, tomato, falafels and hash browns.

Bonus. Enchilada I made at work. Cucumber and poppy seed salad, vegan cheese and butter bean mash


You working in a Vegan restaurant these days? A lot of your meals look restaurant quality tbh.


Thanks man! The first two aren’t mine tbh, but I think everything else I posted before has been made by me.

And yeah, after about 6-7 months into my veganism I got sick of working with animal products and been looking for a while, then found this. I’ve been learning a lot and now even at home I can’t stop doing it.

My job now is also way more promising as I was mainly just kitchen porter before, while now I’m mainly a cook and supposed to be promoted in January after 4 months or so…

Veganism really opened up tons of new perspectives in food I never even thought about before and gastronomically I find it way more interesting and exciting than meat and dairy before, and I used to be a huuge meat and cheese consumer.
Also made me become more compassionate and understanding towards human and generally calmer, my depression nearly disappeared, plus other health benefits. I mean I could go on for days, but I don’t wanna be the pushy vegan who can’t shut up lmao.

If you’re ever near Bournemouth give me a shout and i’ll make your something with a discount :smiley:


Why vegan food don’t have dairy products?
Milking cow is not cruel.


Well, it’s not necessarily about cruelty for every vegan. Either way, almost every dairy cow gets killed for meat anyway. And many would disagree with you and say milking is actually pretty cruel if not even more cruel than being raised just for meat.


Just like every other mammal, cows have to be impregnated for them to give milk.
When the cows give birth, their newborn calves are immediately taken away from them and cows often grieve them for days, crying and being in a state of emotional trauma.

The newborn calves are then either fed a low nutrient diet of supplement and is turned into a dairy calf herself, or if it’s a male, they’re killed after day one or turned into veal in horrific conditions.

Erin Janus made a great video explaining it recently.

As for “family farms”, the cows are still killed when they don’t provide resources anymore nevertheless if they live in good conditions or not. Animals are not property or ours to be taken advantage of.

There’s a long list of health disadvantages and environmental hazards as well, which is a different topic.





I made a pizza.


How did it turn out?


Pretty well, I’ve gotten decent at making these. The key is finding the right oven rack, and parmesan.


So you used parmesan instead of traditional mozzarella or used both?


Parmesan over the sauce, then the mozzarella and cheddar on top of that. Just getting the right amount seems to help a lot.


Ahhh Three Cheese! Nice job.