What are you eating or cooking?


Sounds amazing man, and i’ll definitely hit you up if i’m in the B-mauf!


Get a Pizza stone! You’ll love it. I bought a Forno Bravo stone. Best investment ever.

I keep it on bottom rack of my oven all the time. It helps the oven regulate heat too. No need to remove it.


EXTRA THICC Pizza I see. Cheese Thicc. I just ate pizza yesterday but you are making me want to have another go dude ahahah




Snail soup, snail soup!!!


I’m in Australia and ever since my trip to America, I’ve been craving to have something from IHOP or Denny’s again.

If I ever go to America again…


I didn’t know you could just keep a pizza stone in the oven. Do you need to adjust cooking times or temps when baking other dishes?

Also I’ve done many pizzas but always kind of a deep-dish style in a deep cookie sheet. Have yet to buy a pizza stone.


Who don’t eat pizza everyday?


Yes you can leave in with no issues.


I use to work at an IHOP back in the day.

Usually when you work at a place you get tired of the food.

Man I will still throw down on them pancakes.


Really wanted to share this with you guys, i visited the Golden Temple, Amritsar back in 2009 and it is heavenly. You have the largest community kitchen i India that feeds all people for free and everything is done by the people, for the people :smiley:


Hood rice from my favourite chinese place of all time.

I been getting fat of this since a kid. Nothing else compares.

i have had fried rice all over this great america and few could compare to this midwest hood spot.

its the grease, its the crisp crunch inbetween the soft rice. I add various flavors to suit my drink


Made a vegan black bean soup.
Onion, celery, garlic, carrots, corn, Chili powder, cumin, black pepper, salt, vegetable broth, crushed tomatoes.

Great flavour. I like it a lot.


that bread looks sexy as fuck dunno why, i’d warm up the bread a bit and apply butter as well :smile:


Yup, I toasted it before eating. :yum:


Did you use a recipe or it’s all do as you go? I’m always looking for soup recipes and that looks and sounds amazing.

I made hella wraps today. The filling is spinach, vegan mayo, avocado, bean burger and fried tempeh, baked in a soy/bbq sauce marinade to give it a bacon-y taste. Came out pretty well.


Ya i use a recipes app on my iPhone. It’s called Allrecipes.
Very useful. But I do play around with my own ingredients at times.


Think vegans can’t have cheeseburger? Try again sweaty :wink::wink::yum::hamburger:


That looks like it has about 9 MSG’s in it.
Can confirm hood rice is the best rice.


That looks fukken gr8 m8