What are you eating or cooking?


Made Cajun chicken linguine (subbed with spaghetti :shushing_face::sweat_smile:). Enjoyed it tonight.



Looks tasty as hell Grim! You oughta become a chef,I swear,I do not eat vegan but if I did it would be your food.





Ribeye steak seasoned with salt & pepper and olive oil. Seared on a super hot pan and cooked to perfection. Added garlic, thyme and a touch of lemon juice 2 minutes before removing.

10/10. :yum:
Sorry, took a bite before taking a pic. :grin:


dont make me jealous


Just made some vegan hotdogs. Tofurky polish sausages, Tesco FreeFrom coconut cheese, Sweet Baby Ray BBQ sauce, gherkins, caramelised onions and some beetroot and cress leaves.

Best hotdogs I’ve had in my entire life.


Wow lot going on there interesting flavor combo. The coconut and bbq was good?


Made some Maple glaze butternut squash, sweet Potato fries, braised collard greens with carrots and cider vinegar, eggplant sauté with celery, onions and fresh chopped sage. The celery added great texture (and was on its last leg in fridge) lol Yum


To be fair the cheese doesn’t really taste coconut-y. I’d lie if I said there isn’t a hint of it in there, but in general it taste’s kinda like a mild, more sweet cheddar.

The BBQ sauce itself has pineapple in it and it’s the best BBQ sauce I ever had.

In retrospect a more neutral sausage would’ve worked better, because everything else was already quite balanced.


Sweet Baby Rays is godlike. Best BBQ sauce ever


I slow cooked a chicken today for food over the next week or so. Just had a week and a half of pork which isn’t my favourite, so I’ve been looking forward to this. Smothered it in garlic butter and stuffed with a whole garlic bulb, cooked with 300mls of chicken stock. I’m really impressed with the amount of meat that I got from it and it’s absolutely delicious although my breath could kill a vampire. I’ve got some nice gelatinous, fatty stock to freeze as well as the carcass and bones that I’ll combine with vegetables to make more stock for a soup next week.


You are all here talking about your favourite (and my favourite) foods and delicious sauces while I am here having a takeout Burger King whooper…smh.


I am a sucker for junk food and it’s a bad habit, but the chicken cost me about £4 and the garlic cost me £1.I already had a pack of chicken stock which I used. For the price of a large meal from Burger King or equivalent I can eat for a week :slight_smile:


Liquid gold right there!:wink:


Any recommendations other than soup?


Actually that stock is most likely so concentrated and flavorful it’s better utilized for a sauce and or save it and add to the next stock or bone broth you make to fortify and enhance the flavor. I’d probably turn it into a ramen broth. Add some flavorful Asian ingredients, veggies, noodles and you’ll have an intense meal.


Great! Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll likely do chicken again after this meat has run out so I’ll be able to use a couple of carcasses and the extra stock to make a decent amount!


Knocked up some salmon with asparagus and mediterranean-style veggies for dinner tonight :grin:


I’m not vegan, but these look incredible, definitely trying to recreate these myself, top work :hotdog:


I don’t think that’s a good idea mate.