What are you eating or cooking?


Cooking some chicken with sweet pepper, onion, cheese spread, curry, turmeric and cumin. I call it yellow chicken. Pretty good but not as heavenly as chicken in sweet and sour sauce. :wink:


I’m making some dark chocolate three-ingredient ice cream right now. Pretty simple actually.


Hey man, don’t criticise until you tried it :joy:


I’m thinking good old British fish ‘n’ chips tonight.


Well, what are the other two ingredients?

I had Booja Booja yesterday, which was made of 5. Cashew, coconut sugar, sea salt, chocolate and coconut milk I think. Added some bananas and peanut butter. Pretty expensive, but It was out of this world.

Never thought I’d say this, but way better than Ben & Jerry’s.




Is that feta cheese?





Cabbage soup.


Made a 1 pan Orecchiette pasta w/sausage & arugula.


Love it!! Hands down my favorite cut of pasta. Enjoy that looks yummy.


My wife and I just made cookies!


Those look pretty damn good.


I’m currently making kvass. Slav black bread fermented. Will be ready tomorrow.


Me and my boyfriend decided to knockup a delicious Belokranjska Pogača and it tasted GLORIUSLY DELICIOUS!
(Belokranjska Pogača is a type of Slovene crusty bread, topped off with oils, cheeses and herbs prevelant in the region of Bela Krajina. In history it was made by maids & was served cold with wine when priests came into a rich persons house. (not everyone has a maid lol!)).



What’s with all these people knocking up their food?

Still looks good, though.


It feels good to knock it out, and beat it on the ground you know?

WAIT, so you are trying to tell me you never knocked up food before…YOU…pfft - amateur smh.


Seems similar to an Italian Focaccia bread except you said it was crusty!! Looks great.


I thought the same thing. Also the name reminds italian Focaccia (I don’t know how to pronounce “Pogača”, but seems similar)


Trully thank you all for the wonderful support of the food, and @Chef-assassin it is very similar to Foccacia (& it is also kind of a rippof but Slovenes are known for creating a few rip-offs lol), but the main difference is it needs to taste very crisp like a potato chip on the outside and a bit less crisp but still enough to be like a bread crust on the inside, along with not being topped of like a pizza but usually have dressings and/or seasonings on top of it.
It was created by a Slavic civilization that was getting away from Turks and wars in 16th century - and they had the riposte at Bela Krajina, meanwhile Foccacia was already created as a flatbread many a year ago so spits kind of a copy (but it is a very delicious one huehue)
That being said you also need to cut it,before baking it so people can share it (me and my boyfriend in this case cuz I have no friends).

Also @Bardachenko again it is pretty similar and it is pronounced Po-ga-cha
(Po as in the po in poached egg only a bit less “sharp” sounding, ga as in saying “ka” & cha as the start of chocolate - the letters ch (you know you dont say “ch”as in “sh” but actually create that kind of “chi-ch” sound - well in Slovene ch is a letter known as č and it is also in pretty much a Slovene dialect but croatians also have something similar, with an a added to top the word off ofc.).