What are you eating or cooking?



Na zdrowie!

For anyone who doesn’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, this is kvass.


Did you steal that from The Black Hat?


I turned a potato into potato slices!


Lol no, this is something you drink.

And it’s fucking great.


It’s physically impossible to make something bad out of potatoes.


Made some Singapore style Noodles with lots of veggies tonightimage


I love da Chinese food! :heart: :cn:


Also, I made Spaghetti Bolognese tonight :it: Villa Caruso style! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey dudes, I’ve been making stock all week. I thought I’d show you the process of making some chicken stock, with lots of photos. It’s very easy and cheap so if you’re interested in doing it then I suggest giving it a go.

So these are most of the ingredients I used.

1x Pig Trotter 4x Chicken Backs 4x Mild Chilli Peppers and 4 x Bulbs of Garlic. I also used 4 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar.

First step is the boil the bones. I did so for 10 minutes. All that grey thick foam you want off, this is referred to as ‘scum’. It does not taste pleasant. Strain the bones through a sieve and wash thoroughly.

Next step is to roast the bones and I also roasted the chili and garlic. I also roasted mushrooms but that was just for me to eat. I roasted at 225c (I think about 450 for you yanks) for one hour. This is the half hour point just before I turned everything.

And after an hour…

Dump all the contents into the slow cooker.

I used 200mls of hot water to remove the fond from the baking dish and added this to the slow cooker.

Cover the bones with water. Including the 200mls of water used to clean the pan, I used 1400mls of water to cover the bones.

Add Apple Cider Vinegar and leave to sit from anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Put your slow cooker on low.

After 24 hours the water would have reduced significantly. I wasn’t sure if the chili would have any effect after being cooked for so long but was happy that it had given the stock an awesome kick. Tasted incredible.

I added another 500mls of water in order to cover the bones again.

Another 24 hours later and the stock is ready to be strained. The water has again reduced significantly, but what is left is very tasty.

After 48 hours even the thicker bones will crumble under finger and thumb and cut easily.

I used cheesecloth and a sieve to get rid of all the bones and meat and vegetables. I discarded all of it.

I ended up with around 600mls of stock which I cooled with cold water in a sauce pan.

After it spent the night in the fridge I was greeted this morning with a delicious gelatinous stock. Jelly texture. I have made three stocks this week, all similar and all will go towards making about 6 litres of soup.

I’m going to the fish wholesalers at 6am on Wednesday in the hope of getting some fish heads to make some stock out of them next :slight_smile:


I put myself together a decent dinner! Corn on the cob, potato slices, a chicken strip, white baguette and strawberries.



Bread with condensed milk.


Homemade pizza from scratch!



Wow that Looks awesome!!!


Just the good old Ham and Beef Pizza with Cocktail tomatoes on top. Sadly today I didn’t use good ham, but rather the cheap and quantity version of “ham”. When I feel fancy I go for prosciutto or Pancetta. Either way it tast good and that’s all I need in the end.

Also Thank you @Chef-assassin :smiley:


Fuck me that pizza looks delicious mads.


Made my very first chicken parmigiana. That’s the good part. The bad part, I’m Italian, and I just made my first chicken parm. :man_facepalming:

It was freaking amazing!! :yum:


What’s in the salad? Cucumber tomato celery and parsley? Looks great.


Yup, exactly. Also added oregano.



This is a syrnik. A syrnik is a Slavic food; it’s basically a cottage cheese pancake, however I used ricotta, and you fry them in a pan; and, of course, fried potatoes. What else do you need?


I made… the same cheese pizza I always make!