What are you eating or cooking?


Я первый раз устраиваю салат оливье

Translation: my first time making salad olivier.


Shepherd’s Pie, but it’s grated cauliflower and yellow split peas, instead of minced baby sheep and I mashed butternut on the top. Still got potatoes tho, but roasted, with garlic instead.



What is that, because it looks good.


I’m 26 years old man and recently I started to live by myself. I have no idea how to cook besides boiling some pasta and adding ready sauce from a can and frying a stake.
I just started to watch tutorials on youtube on how to make simple things like spinach and baked potatoes.

What I normally eat from some time now is milk with chocolate cereals, chicken breast that is good for a gym diet among with some boiled carrots and when I want something different I go out for pizza or kebab. But I want to learn more to eat even more healthier and for a future because the dream to find a girl that knows how to cook is vanishing quite fast :persevere:


Better learn soon or you will end with lots of those for when you don’t want to cook.


I already ended up with lot’s of those. And I love them. But I’m getting the impression that they’re not so healthy


Tomato mozzarella - simply, tomato slices with mozzarella slices and a dressing. Its very tasty.


Caprese!!! Need some basil.


Man,you should totally search of a cooking class,there are plenty out there,even though I don’t really know many of 'em because I never attended one of them (my mother taught me). It takes a bit of time and patience to learn how to cook,especially if you are clumsy like me,but the pay-off is just _ when you get it right. Or just subscribe to Just Eat! It’s basically an Italian version of Blue Apron. Maybe a little less cool. But it helps. (Even though I really suggest you look for online/real life cooking classes! It’s such a useful notion to pick up,and it’s really fun! Also,girls love a guy that can make a good meal eheh)


I tough about that but I don’t think it’s a thing for me.
I’m learning from youtube. Watching everything step by step. Now I just need to put it in practice


Let’s go man! You’re gonna be the next Carlo Cracco in no time ahah


Some crustless grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup I had last night.




I think I did good. First time I made spinach


Dang, that looks better than my 34th try through.


Oh wait. They were frozen before and already made.


How did I do on my Souvlaki?



Great job!! Looks delicious.