What are you eating or cooking?


Ok, so plums I bought for my knedle were a bit too big.


Introducing my ‘mess’ food. Yestwrday’s dinner was, Chicken Korma (Minced chicked curry), rice, lentil soup (Dal) and rotis. The snacks and breakfast are good tho.


This was dessert. Hungarian sour cherry soup.


Made Korean spicy noodles. Too damn spicy…



I’ve seen people put boiled RIBS in that. I think that’s even what it used to come with at the old school cafeteria. Like what the fuck.


Anyone putting ribs in that is a fucking idiot. You boil the cherries, mix the water with sour cream, and add some chives and cinnamon for flavour.


Last night I had… another grilled cheese! With some mashed potatoes, that I would say turned out better than any I had made previous so I was happy about that.


The other day I made vegan paté. It’s made from sauteed mushrooms, white onions and walnuts, with some white wine and rosemary. Tastes exactly as it should be.


Medium steak with sautéed champignons and a baked potato with smetana.



Honestly, this is the only good part, kurwa.

Jk; It looks quite nice & I definitely couldn’t do better.


While it’s my Cake Day today, I opted for my favourite wafer bar.



What type of candy/ chocolate bar is this?


That’s Prince Polo (XXL)


The best candy I ever had in my life!, created out of soft yet crunchy 4 crossed wafers spreadeD with 3 sweet milk chocolate layers along with a dark chocolate coating THAT IS PURE BOMB


Like a Kit Kat Bar then. Yum!



Exactly, but Prince polo is a bit less sweet & more moist, I will take it over Kit-kat anytime of day. :+1:


Borsch & cheburek.


And I’m making Goulash


The Goulash has finished


this is the bar where I work and this is my Cappuccino that i’ve done this morning :yum:


You know what insignia you have to make in a cappuccino now…