What are you eating or cooking?




Ginger beer


I didn’t like that when I tried it. Very peppery and too sweet for my taste. I also had it a little warm and heard it’s better ice cold?


Definitely; if you’re willing to try it again, have an ice cold one.


One thing I love about my job is that at night I can eat what ever I want, or what ever is left.
The chef at work told me that when I’m hungry I can just open the fridges in the kitchen and take what is left from the evening.
Deserts are also included.


That’s great! Saves you a lot of money and Lean protein too!!


Free potatoes = awesome job


Jamaican BBQ chickpeas with fried pineapple and cauliflower. Chopsticks wasn’t the best choice for pearl barley, but at least I didn’t have to do the dishes.


Jamaican me hungry. That looks awesome!!


Looks great. Lots of color.


Take your like and get out.


Got this from a food truck, out in Saint Louis. The food truck is supposed to be some sort of NYC food truck thing, serving ultra American east coast style food, but with a Saint Louis twist.

Toasted Ravioli is supposed to be a Saint Louis specialty. Personally I don’t see what the big deal is-it’s aiight but it’s not all that. And this version from the food truck is the worst version of it I have ever had. It’s burnt, has no flavor my face crunched every time I took a bite. The chips are uninspired but I have had worse-they are just dry. The bun was good but the meat tasted more like cheese cause that’s all there was cheese and onion.

Not a food truck kinda guy and this is why.


Taquitos, an Snicker, lots of Oreos and my favourite kidney-rotting beverage.


A good dinner with not cooked seafood. I love it


Looks good, I could definitely use some of that now.


Making fresh pizza dough from scratch. Waiting for it to rise. Den me be makin pizzzzzaaaa!!!

Just about to knead.

Now I’m waiting as it rises. It has doubled now.


How are you baking it? Pan? Stone? Brick oven? I have a piece of 1/4 in. steel in my oven that works wonders once it gets good and hot. Haven’t made pizza in ages though



Pan. I will get a stone soon. Something I do want.


24hrs dough rise came out amazing. So soft and fluffy. Had a bit of a mishap when I tried to transfer my pizza off the custom pizza peel to the pan. But it still came out great despite the issue. But now I know my mistake for the next time.

This was my first homemade pizza.