What are you eating or cooking?




Ginger beer


I didn’t like that when I tried it. Very peppery and too sweet for my taste. I also had it a little warm and heard it’s better ice cold?


Definitely; if you’re willing to try it again, have an ice cold one.


One thing I love about my job is that at night I can eat what ever I want, or what ever is left.
The chef at work told me that when I’m hungry I can just open the fridges in the kitchen and take what is left from the evening.
Deserts are also included.


That’s great! Saves you a lot of money and Lean protein too!!


Free potatoes = awesome job


Jamaican BBQ chickpeas with fried pineapple and cauliflower. Chopsticks wasn’t the best choice for pearl barley, but at least I didn’t have to do the dishes.


Jamaican me hungry. That looks awesome!!


Looks great. Lots of color.


Take your like and get out.


Got this from a food truck, out in Saint Louis. The food truck is supposed to be some sort of NYC food truck thing, serving ultra American east coast style food, but with a Saint Louis twist.

Toasted Ravioli is supposed to be a Saint Louis specialty. Personally I don’t see what the big deal is-it’s aiight but it’s not all that. And this version from the food truck is the worst version of it I have ever had. It’s burnt, has no flavor my face crunched every time I took a bite. The chips are uninspired but I have had worse-they are just dry. The bun was good but the meat tasted more like cheese cause that’s all there was cheese and onion.

Not a food truck kinda guy and this is why.


Taquitos, an Snicker, lots of Oreos and my favourite kidney-rotting beverage.