What are you eating or cooking?


Smanchy!!! What is it.


Yeah, but at least I didn’t pay!


Is it worthy the money or is just average?


I want to cook my wife something fantastic but cheap tonight as I’m broke and i was a bit of a butthole to her this morning. Any suggestions? Must contain meat of some sort but not seafood.


Poached pear and prawn starter!


Fusion of flavours, sweet to salty, fruity to fishy. It was a roller coaster. Like having 47 flavour his bullets with sweetness. It hits hard but in the end it’s nice.


Worth it. Only if you have a open palette.


Good to know it was enjoyable. Sounds really nice.


It could be cheaper homemade. You could tailor it to your liking toning down flavours and swapping ingredients :wink:


Usually homemade is cheaper and also great to experiment, assuming you know hot to cook properly.


https://www.just-eat.co.uk :joy:


Cringiest. Ad. Ever. Haha


I think I may have to go to this… Imagine if a bald headed gentleman with a barcode came up to the door with my delivery I’d be like OMG Mr 4… DEAD.


Try chorizo + chicken paella! Spice it up mate!


“Oh my gosh, I’m back again…”


Mmm sounds good! Haven’t had paella since i lived in Spain and I’m a huge fan of Chorizo! Thanks for the suggestion.


Happy to help! :point_left::point_left:

I guess you got full agency assistance turned on in BM! (get it?)


Used it once or twice.

Thank god for metabolism


Really good pasta carbonara is cheap and elegant and of course delicious.


Here you go!