What are you eating or cooking?


Okay I do and I do often, but not really what I meant. What I meant to say was I would never go out of my way to buy a vegan Burger or vegan meal.


You’re missing out :yum:


I have no problems with vegetarian diets, but I find Veganism to be too extreme. I think everybody is missing out on something, but it all comes down to preferences :blush:


If you wanna see extreme go to a slaughterhouse or dairy farm mate.


I buy organic meat most of the time, a lot of my beef I get from a local farm. I prefer that the animals I consume have lived a full and worthy life. Also often the quality and tast is far better. So I have no qualms about eating meat or dairy and I never will.


That’s the ultimate betrayal. They had a great life and they enjoy living and you take that away from them, for a few minutes of pleasure.

Also, literally everyone claims they eat organic, grassfed and whatever else yuppie labels the meat and dairy industry comes up with, to make people feel better, yet, about 98% of these products come from factory farms.

The industries themselves define what’s “organic” or “cage free”. It means nothing.


You can eat whatever you want, I don’t care if people are vegan, vegetarian, peskitarian. It’s simply no concern to mine and me eating meat isn’t something I feel bad about. If being vegan floats your boat, then great, but it’s just not for me.

Whatever I feel about said subject, should not be a concern of others.


With all due respect Mads, how do you know it’s not for you when you won’t give a go? You might benefit from it.


When your choice has a victim, it is someone elses concern. The animals can’t speak up for themselves, so humans will.


You can speak all you will against it, but it won’t change the fact that I don’t give a rats ass what a vegan find morally wrong when it comes to food. No disrespect Grim but to be honest I really don’t care what people think. Enjoy the food that makes you happy and i’ll enjoy what makes me happy.

I said I would never pay for a vegan meal, I did not say I would decline a vegan meal. If I was to dine at some vegan friends, then it would be something else. I’m not afraid of trying things, I just don’t pay for things I have no interest in.


considering eating vegan literally means cutting meat and dairy, you’d save money rather than spend it. but oh well, I’ll stop preaching. meat eating is deeply ingrained in some people and I understand that cutting it is like the most abstract thing in the world, so no point in arguing this really.

let me however recommend a few movies. Forks over Knives and What the Health. both on netflix, super interesting docs.


So you have no problem with people killing and eating cats or dogs either as long as it makes them happy?


I have no interest in eating cats or dogs, also I don’t find them appaticing. But that is mainly due to cultural differences, I would not think a second about it if grew up with it. Those who eat cat and dogs, i’m not disgusted by it at all, that is just life in that part of the world.


Call me ignorant but I’m rather disgusted with the idea of people munching on puppies and kittens honestly. Fuck those people.


i dont care about ppl going vegan or vegetarian or whatever, but some ppl are just too extreme and nonsensical with their examples. my friend once linked me a video of pigs getting tortured alive in factories and a baby chick getting ground alive to support his vegan lifestyle.

like, no. :slight_smile:

and ppl fighting eating meat with “uhh would you eat ur pet” are dumb. dogs and cats have been grown through the ages to be human companions and be friends. cows and pigs have been grown thru the ages to be food but also be companions to other ppl (in a different way).


I do get that, but logically there is no difference between eating a dog and cow. It’s not something I want to do, but i’m not going to play holy and say that is morally wrong because I love cats.


yeah I’m quite surprised you realize that and can totally disconnect from whatever values to justify eating cow because you “like it”.

so what if society has done something for a long time? don’t you have your own logic or do you just mindlessly follow the herd?
it changes nothing about the torture and abuse that is associated with raising animals for food. it changes nothing about the immense cost to people’s health. it changes nothing about the huge toll animal agriculture has on the environment.

there’s so many logical reasons to wanting to cut it but the most logical of all would be that it hurts animals. who the fuck wants that.

the debate has been fine until you trotted along and proclaimed people to be extreme and nonsensical. it’s also highly fitting for the thread.


no you’re a sheep because of your argument that if society does something for a while it’s clearly right.


Not quite sure I follow mate, can you either write in Danish or reformulate it?


well if you see eating cats/dogs/cows as the same thing I’m surprised you can still differentiate and eat cow. since I know you have pets in your family and are attached to them. still, with all due respect.