What are you eating or cooking?


I think it’s sad that the reason you wouldn’t eat them is not because they are sentient beings who feel and love, but because you don’t find them pleasing enough for your tastebuds.

Since we are stronger and smarter than animals, they are vulnerable to us. Sure, it’s your choice if you want to take advantage of that power, instead of using it to help and protect them (or just leave them alone), it’s just not the humane choice.

@cakeblock941 if you find it extreme and it bothers you, you should probably stop contributing to it. don’t get mad at the people who show you the consequences of your actions. get mad at the one who fund it.


why tag me? you mean Mads lol?

going vegan isnt extreme, its healthy for ppl and the environment and encourages a more sympathetic approach for animals.

what bothers me is arguments like these. you never get anything out of them. ive gone thru at least 3 of these and i never like them. arguing against ppl’s food choice in a thread like this is so silly.


You don’t have to participate. There are many people who choose a vegan lifestyle, because they want to make the choice that is closer to their moral standpoint.

It’s a thread about food and we are talking about food choices. Just because it haven’t been brought up before and people have only been posting pictures mainly, it doesn’t make it any less valid to have this conversation in this thread.

“You can share pics, recipes, or stories of how food has impacted who you are. I’d love to learn about all the food you cherish.” - OP


“what are you eating or cooking?” is the thread. not “general food talk”. post some vegan dishes, ppl can get very creative in their vegan originals / alternatives, so please post more of that.

and pls post stuff about how veganism has helped you instead of arguing about how veganism is right.


also keeping in mind that cakeblock is the only one opposed to it. just let people have discussions instead of dumbing the whole argument down to “plants have feelings too” examples. like what, no one said that.


A species will eat what’s below them, it’s the food chain; it’s nature. There are billions of people, so we need an appropriate count of animals to be slaughtered in order to meet demand. It’s the way the world operates, I’m sure the conditions for most of these animals are terrible but does it matter that much?


i’ll apologize: i’m sorry i opposed to a civilized discission.

oh wait, that’s not what i’m opposing, is it?


Of course I don’t view cats and dogs the same as a cow, but when all chips are thrown they are all animals. This is me being rational, I have no desire to eat either.

What a load of horse shit dude, I have never even eaten a cat or a dog. I have no idea what they taste like. They might be very tasty and even more so than my favorite kind of meat. But me not eating cats and dogs comes down to me not having any kind of desire towards eating them. If I grown up in another country where this is more normal, I might feel differently. But since I grown up in vanilla Denmark and livestock is one of our biggest exports, then that is what have defined what I eat.


I’d argue it doesn’t have to work that way. and it can’t in the long run since it’s highly unsustainable. http://science.time.com/2013/12/16/the-triple-whopper-environmental-impact-of-global-meat-production/


Exactly what I always thought too.I see that just as food chain.Animals eat plants and other animals and so do people.It’s been like that forever


sorry to disagree but this is another “it’s been like this forever” case. so what? many things are due to change when logical arguments goes against it. the issue is, it’ not just a case of people eating meat when the “need” arises. there’s an abundance of animals living on earth just to please this meat culture. it’s unsustainable, involves abuse and major health problems. you can’t compare it to the food chain of animals in the wild.


You even said you don’t find them appetizing, which is why you don’t eat them. How else could that be interpreted?

@rattleshnake the food chain isn’t linear and we’ve left it when we started using technology and weapons. You can’t apply the food chain to humans anymore. Not to mention we don’t NEED to eat them. Animals kill out of need, we do it for pleasure.

And animal agriculture uses a lot more land and resources than plants. We could feed a lot more humans if we didn’t have animal ag.


The main issue, according to that article, is a combination of low-quality feed in poorer cattle-breeding countries and the high demand of the U.S. market. The high demand from the U.S. will not go away, but it seems in that article there was already a proposed feed solution involving exporting higher-quality practice into those regions. This by itself seems unlikely, but neither of these things have anything to do with cruelty or morality. There are identifiable problems that we can do little about.


What I find appetizing has nothing to do with my taste buds, I think a lot of food like Fish looks appetizing. That said I can’t stand the taste of fish. I don’t like the thought about eating a cat or a dog.



appealing to the appetite especially in appearance or aroma; also : appealing to one’s taste an appetizing display of merchandise

If I showed you pictures of fried dog meat and fried pig meat, you couldn’t tell the difference. I also find it hard to believe, you look at a live pig or cow and start salivating.


“low-quality” being the way cows eat naturally. (funny word choice in the article tbh) grass fed is the biggest offender of emission when it comes to raising cows, no doubt. best for the animal’s wellbeing, worst for the climate.

another interesting thing to look at is the water comsumption related to producing these foods.


Probably not and I never claimed otherwise, but there is a difference between knowing and not knowing.

Whatever dude, now you are just twisting my words to fit your narrative. I’m not going to waste anymore time defending that I like eating meat, just because you find it wrong. You don’t eat meat fair and square, I don’t mind or care. You can keep preaching all you want, i’m just going to ignore those sad attempts.


you can think something looks appetizing without liking how it tastes, lol.

i find sushi to look appetizing, but when i ate it for the first time, i found out that it doesn’t taste appetizing


@rattleshnake have a look at this eye opener. http://thewaterweeat.com/
it’s hard to even imagine the amount of water waste that goes into producing animal products.


Uhhhhhhh…not sure what you’re implying there :wink: