What are you eating or cooking?


I’m not twisting your words, they just make no sense.

You said you don’t care if someone finds it morally wrong. Then why bother defending it?

It’s incredibly hard to argue with someone, who keeps contradicting themselves. So yeah, let’s leave it.


i thought the point of defending yourself is to show other people your side of the story, not to change their minds. you’ll never change their minds.

please don’t make up reasons for ppl to stop defending themselves. if you dont want to argue with him, just tell him. this is strike 2 of twisting other ppl’s words. maybe you’re just misunderstanding what’s he’s saying, read it back :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought this thread was for posting pictures of the food we eat, not discuss the morals surrounded food consumption. It seems we have gone way off topic, so i’ll try and get it back again with the thing I’m about to consume.

A Micellar Casein shake, the protein bar is part of my low calorie lunch for the last couple of weeks.

The Protein bars are not very good, but rich on protein, fibers and low on sugar. Easy meal when you are cutting and don’t got the time for cooking big meals for lunch at the moment.


literally shaking from the word casein

jk, enjoy mate


Not as much as I normally would, I forgot to shake it and put it in the refrigerator. So it will be more “lukewarm” experience tonight. There is always tomorrow, so i’ll see if I remember to do it.

Also I just ate 209g of Watermelon, sadly I got no pictures of it.


i’ve yet to try protein shakes. sometimes a lady sells it at my local market but i’ve never actually picked it up. what’s it like?


Well he said he didn’t care if vegans found his choices morally wrong, then proceeded to try and justify it anyways. Sounds like a contradiction to me. If you don’t care than you don’t need to prove to me that you are justified.

Don’t start an argument, if you don’t intend to participate and get offended when your viewpoint is questioned.


he wants to justify it because it’s an argument. he just wasn’t going to change his choices because of the other opinion. it’s not a contradiction, at least in my eyes, but let’s just drop it, like you said.


It’s kinda like a chocolate milk, but not as tasty. They help me reach my daily macros, that said I do find them delicious, but don’t expect them to be a replacement for chocolate milk. I have tried ready to go shakes that taste just like chocolate milk, but there is 27g of sugar in 250ml. To put that into perspective, 500ml of Coca Cola got 25g of sugar.


oh wow. yeah, my friend warned me not to get into those ready to go shakes for that reason and i forgot to try protein shakes ever since :stuck_out_tongue:


They are a tool, you don’t drink them for the enjoyment. Even thought you might enjoy them, I look forward to the two shakes I drink everyday. They can be very beneficial when you want to lose weight or gain weight, but a lot of people expect them to be a wunder drink that will fix every little problem.


yeah, it was at a time where i really wanted to lose weight and get into shape. but eventually it turned out straight up bad for me, i didn’t enjoy what i was doing, so i just dropped those attempts and forgot about the whole shake thing. i’m glad you look forward to it though, its always a good mentality to have :stuck_out_tongue:


Bought a package of pryanikis imported from Moldova at an Eastern European store.


Thanks for getting back on track!


If you want to create a thread for why “meat is murder” and all that jazz, feel free to do so. But people are coming here to see mouthwatering food pics, not Peter Singer-type discussions on the ethics of cage eggs.

As you were.


Tonights dinner is flat iron steak served with grilled tomatoes from my own garden as well as grilled carrots. I also made so homemade French fries, baked in the oven with very little olive oil.

I’m pretty happy with the result of these fries, they taste close enough to deep fried version.


Looks so good!!! Nice fries.


Went out on another eating adventure in the city I hate. Authentic southern food at a blues club in the city of the Blues.

Let me say right away that the music was good-I don’t recall the woman and her band that played but it was nice singing and I enjoyed the layout of the establishment the service was very well done, and that atmosphere was very comfortable.


I had the Red beans and Rice, my wife had the shrimp po’boy, also shared some angry hush- puppies

I really liked the cornbread and the angry hush puppies. The hush puppies here were different from normal in that they were “spicy” having onion and peppers in them and a whole lot bigger. Could have been spicer but it’s a nice idea, I like the size of it and the onions added a nice crunch.

The cornbread was perfect-whoever cooked that knew what the hell they were doing! I am pleased. However the read beans and rice tasted like bland soup. I was dismayed and only finished my food cause I was drunk. Otherwise I couldn’t tell what I was eating.

I had a few pieces of my wife’s fries and shrimp. It was okay. They call the fries “Saint Louis Fries” I couldn’t tell the difference between than an apple bees. I don’t see what was special.

I was let down by the quality of some of the food items but the quality of the establishment and the live music more than makes up for it. I can trust this place to keep me comfortable and entertained, but I’ll make sure I show up with a full stomach and just snack on some cornbread.


What are the deep fried pieces on the bread next to the chips in the last pic?



I missunderstood.

You mean chips as in fries right?

Last pic?

Those are shrimp pieces, @scm97tl