What are you eating or cooking?


Yup, those. Sorry. I still mix chips and fries for while I write in English. All looks tasty and in a Jazz-theme restaurant it should be a pretty pleasant meal.


Too bad about the food. Must’ve been a real bummer. But live jazz while eating does sound pretty damn good.




*Everybody needs a cast iron skillet imo.
Even the eggs didn’t stick!


Catered a Bridal Shower today. Menu was
Chicken Milanese with Arugula Tomato Provençal
Asparagus with Balsamic Mushroom Vinaigrette
Mushroom Ravioli Truffle Butter Cream Sauce
Saffron Risotto
Mezze Rigatoni with Eggplant and tomatoes
Shrimp Francaise




No caption needed man! pizza and coca cola! what a combo! :sunglasses:


Turkish coffee





I’m eating this monster. Cheese and ham.

In many small stores in Italy you can ask them to make you a sandwich with what ever you want inside.
You choose the bread, they weight that, then you say want you want inside. They also weight that, make a price and here you go.
I paid for this one 3.20€.


Looks amazing man! for some reason ham on the continent is way better than the UK haha


I don’t know what it’s called the ham over there but here we have 2 types of ham.
This one is my favorite, it should be like bacon I guess.


Yeah man we have ham and bacon.


Bacon butty with HP brown sauce is out of this world!


When I went in England this April I tried an english breakfast. Good stuff. I didn’t really wanted to eat beans in the morning of fear to shit myself on the streets so I just took scramble eggs, with bacon and toast.
Then I tried other things. Everywhere I went when I was asked by the bartender or waiter what I wanted I would tell I don’t know, what’s the most British thing you have?

I tried a pie home made. I didn’t really knew what that was and I was expecting an American pie. But it was really good because it had inside chicken and some veggies.

Then I discovered that “chips” are actually fried potatoes but I was assuming they were chips like the ones you buy at the supermarket in bags :joy: I avoided them not knowing what they were till one day I had them with some fried chicken


This is brilliant! aha its good to hear a tourist’s insight on a visit to England! Pie and mash is very British.
In London we actually have pie and mash shops that sell just that!

:joy::joy: you guys pronounce chips like the American’s then? we call the ‘chips’ in a bag crisps, our chips are basically the US’s equivalent to fries I believe


Honestly the ‘chips’ vs ‘fries’ thing is really weird to me. I’ve known that fries are called chips there for many years, but didn’t know about ‘crisps’ until only about a year ago.

Does anyone know how we ended up having such different words for that pair of food items?


Haha no clue whatsoever, we even have different words for the same food items within the country all depending on which part your from


O_o you guys are weird :stuck_out_tongue:


Mmmm that Prosciutto???


Prosciutto Crudo :wink:


Was hungry so I threw together a few things that were in the fridge. Sweet Potato, mushroom, broccoli, celery, walnut quinoa Bowl with crispy fried onions.