What are you eating or cooking?


Can I come to your house on Hitman 2 launch day?


When I was in Belfast I tried this kind of breakfast. Only one day. Very good, of sure, but I use to eat sweet foods for breakfast and eating this is strange for me in the morning. Usually a few biscuits with marmalade and, very rarely, milk with cocoa and biscuits. I need sugar in the morning. And coffee obviously, that is necessary to start a day.



Are those pierogies? What’s in them?


Chicken and lamb filling.

And actually they are pelmeni




Basmati rice? Stew or Korma?


KormaThis text will be blurred


What is this?󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡


Wait a minute, wrong thing - thought you replied to the other post; it’s Shuba salad


Pretty good ehhh. I know my food!!! Looks tasty. Enjoy.


Pink yogurt!?
Or what makes it pink?


It’s a tomato base and the spices mixed with the yougurt that color and turn it pink. Just kikentandoori can be shades of red depending on spice mix.

Korma is similar to an Italian Vodka sauce or tomato cream sauce. Pink.


Cool! Thanks!
The only pink foods I ever see are like, raw meat :laughing:


Korma!! are you a man?? :wink: has to be a Jalfrezi at least for me!



I’m eating home made burgers with friends.
They have a speciality burger from every region of Italy in this restaurant.

And for later some beer. No worries, were not drinking in the car or while driving


Corona ! My favourite beer! Try it with a wedge of lime if you haven’t already!