What are you eating or cooking?


That’s a lemon man! Needs to be a lime :wink:


Those look really good!!! Is that Prosciutto,mozzarella and arugula on a ciabatta?


Could be, next time I go there I’ll make a photo of the menu.
They have a mix of everything inside or something studied specifically to give an incredible taste.



What’s that dish???




It looks delicious! I want to eat it now:star_struck::star_struck:


I had some leftover from last night


I would like to point out that @Chef-assassin never told us what he made / ate for his birthday meal.
Did you do anything special?


It wasn’t my birthday it was my cake day.


Oh yeah those are different. I completely forgot.


I had tacos of “tripa” for dinner plus my favourite kidney-rotting beverage in my prefered presentation.

If you wonder what tripa is, it’s the intestine of either cow or pig, fried in oil.


This was today

This was yesterday

This was brought to me from Poland by a family I know. I love this!!! They will bring me more next time @SeanBernowicz

This was last week at an all you can eat Chinese restaurant.


That Chinese looks immense!!!


One from Friday night :beers:


It was a buffet. You had lot’s of things to choose. This was just the first round.


My sort of restaurant that mate lol





Yesterday I was on a sushi place, really great food. But normally I just eat pizza, made by myself or from different places, Im very lazy to cook something else, but sometimes I try easy dessert recipes or new things

Sushi food from yesterday:

This was the pizza from today

And this is my average pizza from the recipe I have.


the roof lamp from the sushi place