What are you eating or cooking?


Chicken and Waffles Homemade with Bacon Fat Maple Syrup!



I still had some so


drools I love chicken and waffles, though I don’t usually eat them together.


This ones not mine. Went out to a legit Szechuan restaurant. Chicken with Dry pepper and Baby Bok Choy. So awesome spicy, crispy, packed with flavor leaves your tastebuds guessing what just happened. image


Nice event tonight.


Homade Burger with Danish Red Chedda, Bacon, Aioli, Ketchup, pickled cucumber, Onion and a beef patty inside a Brioche bun.


Sadly the brioche isn’t homemade and got a bit damaged in the packet. Still it tasted awesome, also I ate some frise on the side. This will also be my dinner tomorrow as well as lunch and it was actually also my dinner yesterday. Made a lot of patties yesterday to last me a couple of days.

I love Burgers and I can eat them everyday without getting tired of them.


Looks delicious!!! Look at that melted cheese!!


some Mixed grilled meat and fried potatoes from a mountain place restaurant here in Italy. There is even a type of grilled cheese that is typically from my zone the “caciocavallo”


Making me hungry!!! I don’t eat white potatoes anymore but they look good.


These are potatoes directly from the restaurant vegetable garden. Mountain potatoes, here come tourists especially for them and the meat or the mushrooms “funghi porcini”


this is a special pizza here “salsiccia e friarielli”


That looks great too!!


Made chili con carne last night using the slow cooker. Woke up this morning and the whole house is smelling delicious! Maybe made it a little too watery (although I only had 200mls of stock in a 3.5 litre slow cooker), but it hasn’t diluted the flavour so I’m not too bothered. Made enough so that I’ll probably still be enjoying it when Hitman 2 comes out!


One of my favourite dishes! you freezing it?


Oh I am so jelly.
And now I’m going to eat chilli for lunch.


I’m going to freeze some of it, so I can enjoy some late next week, but I’ll eat it for lunch and tea over the next couple of days!


Little bit of late night steak dinner with red wine


Very nice. I just finished throwing some salsa chicken over collard greens. Steak would have been better. Is that roasted or sautéed garlic over the top?


Sautéed for a short bit, and that chicken is looking real good


I guess I’m going with the good old snailsoup

It is afterall soft, warm and welcome