What are you eating or cooking?


I just ate a cold pizza. Ok? It was good, but warmer would had been better.


I ate snailsoup as a child. My uncle cooked them. I liked them. You make me wish to eat them again


Well nobody will hold you back :smile:


Never had snail before.
Had an oyster for the first time ever a couple weeks ago.
I don’t imagine they’re similar, though.


They aren’t. This text will be blurred


Vegan Chinese take away. Spring rolls, “prawn” crackers, sweet chilli deep fried tofu strips, noodles :heart::heart::heart:IMG_1865


Prawns are vegan???


No, they’re “prawn” crackers, not prawn crackers


tbf prawn crackers are mostly tapioca anywho, she said, saltily.

I mean, I like tapioca but the name implies a lot more prawn and a lot less tapioca.


Oh right my bad. :roll_eyes:


These are stuffed peppers


Fall Sunday’s are for braised dishes. Made some beef stew. Not best pic but it was delicious!


My Girlfriend made Airsju [Ajer-Sjew]…which is a Danish Version of Irish Stew. But with pork instead of lam.

It’s from South Jutland peninsula and it’s probably been introduced by Irish Immigrants and later the word Irish Stew been danish’fied through time.


For me it’s looks like “biksemad” but with a bit of salad and soup. Still delicious and simple :slightly_smiling_face:


Not the best styled food, but I made tonkotsu udon with shrimp and an egg.


Smoked sprats, blueberry pierogi and kvass



Having some tasty chapulín tacos for breakfast with habanero sauce. Chapulines are toasted grasshoppers covered in a spicy sauce with lemon juice.


no pizza, only Khlav Kalash!


Just woke up and prepared myself a grilled cheese sandwich for brekky.