What are you eating or cooking?


I’m full :sob:


I never understood how I managed to get that winter jacket off him unscaved =D


And also here is my sushi


Here are my poorly made mozzarella sticks (idk if they’re called the same in english) and a very healthy salad.


Made a big Cheese Calzone!!



Just bought a blueberry muffin, although it looked disgusting, it tasted very good. Every time I’m in Whittleton Creek now, I get hungry for brainblueberry muffins.


I don’t have pictures, but I just made a giant Yorkshire pudding, with red wine gravy, sausages, and various veg.


Getting ready for Thanksgiving. Here’s some fresh cranberry orange sauce cooking!


I failed at taking a good picture, but I managed to find some good beef at HMart (I’ve just discovered this place) and made gyudan, which is my favourite dish to eat when I don’t have a lot of time in Japan. :smiley:


Day After Breakfast. First Stuffing Waffle ever! Scrambled eggs, cranberry Sauce instead of jam and Smoked Ham. It was really good. image




yuck, i prefer steamed Hams!


Ok I like them both lol


I prefer my ham like I prefer my garbage, in the trash.


What’s up with the dislike for ham? Lol


Never been a fan of the taste, same goes for pork chops… that’s just fake steak.


i dont dislike it, just made a stupid reference :slight_smile:



You European guys eat some really weird stuff lol