What are you eating or cooking?


And here is my 3D modelled burger made by me, a novice artist… :sweat_smile:


What’s that stuff next to the burger?

My dinner tonight. I just combined some delicious things together. It was great.
Still have yet to use the meat slicer, but we’re planning to use it on the ham at some point.


Udon noodles? 20 Yums


I went and made myself some cabbage soup


I’m in love with these noodles (chemicals)!


some gnocchi of potatoes and pumpkin Handmade with cheese sauce and almond… Italian stuff


Looks delicious and seasonal.


Although it’s not delicious Sauerkraut, I think that my food is too german :sweat_smile:


Sauerkraut is Powerkraut.


Ja sehr wohl der Herr! Es entfacht seine wahre Kraft erst wenn es mit einem kalten, guten Bier verzerrt wird!

I’m happy that we don’t talk like this in common.


Cordon bleu with Brussel sprouts and potatoes.


Looks like a good dish, but I despise these things


Looks Nice! Love cordon bleu.


Went out for dinner tonight

Had some rum and garlic butter soaked shrimp

And a seafood stew, with mussels, clams, fish, crab and prawns


I’m in Munich and there are sweets everywhere. A paradise :heart_eyes:


image image

I’m addicted to these whenever winter comes. Chocolate caramel candies :slight_smile:


I think it’s clear by now that I’m a Sushi lover.


Cottage cheese cubes and saucy American corn served on a bed of fragrant rice.

Maybe not the most appetising thing to look at but is definitely delicious! :yum:


Chef at work left me this for tonight. One of the things I like most about my job is that at night I can eat the same things the clients eat.