What are you eating or cooking?


Flashbacks to tracking hayamoto !


Dinner tonight.

Lemon Oregano and Fresh Thyme Chicken Breast I made with some celery and garbanzo beans in a light lemon chicken broth. Carmelized Onion and sautéed green beans.


No better way to spend a Monday morning


What is that black shit?

Never seen that before lol :stuck_out_tongue:


That my friend is black pudding, it’s prime ingredient being pig blood, it sounds awful but it’s delicious, full of iron too



Ahhhh English Breakfast! I want to go back to England again only to eat this for breakfast.


Next time you come give me a shout , I’ll give you the grand tour :+1:t2:


Where did you say you lived?


Breakfast for two? Who’s the companion?


Nottingham! Residence of the great Robin Hood :smiley:

@SeanBernowicz my boss :grinning:


Do you have an airport nearby? It can be done one day.


Yes bro, East Midlands airport isn’t far at all :+1:t2:


pek from the Hitman Discord made a muffin with the signature MK 2 look




That’s epic


Eating dinner. Alone in the dark, with classic music playing through the whole house.


slowly feeling like one of these cool food bloggers



I’m pretty sure I’ll be eating Hot dogs & drinking Soy milk in two hours.