What are you eating or cooking?


I’m going to eat guess what tomorrow? That’s right, sushi :heart_eyes:


They just delivered this nice package to me and I must say, of all the meat that I tried, this is the meat king…


Can’t believe I only notice this now



You know, I’ve always been meaning to post my food here but I only seem to remember after I already ate it. :yum:



Christmas borshch


Why restrict it to Monday?! Mind you, could lose the mushrooms. Needs toast, too. And tea. LOTS of very strong tea.


Had toast mate and I had a couple of cups of tea lol, love mushrooms!


Ate this. Rosted barbarie- duckbreast. Spent two hours making the 3kg potato gratin. To be honest I am just slow lol.
If I don’t reply anymore I exploded.


You’ll neverbguess what I had…

More cabbage rolls



Made Swedish Bullar. My wife been begging me as she grew up eating it. Came out very good.


In a super fancy hotel in Abu Dhabi for work, but I prefer my breakfast basic :smiley:


I found this in kitchen. Tonight is good.




In all seriousness, it looks delicious. Anything inside. I kinda guess some kind of cream.


I did’nt notice the penis shape. Yes it’s full of chantilly cream inside. It’s fantastic


I’m assuming you already ate the vegetables before taking the picture :wink:


What cut of steak is this? and where the hell are the chips? I didn’t even know it was possible to eat a steak without chips!! :wink:


Room service <3