What are you eating or cooking?


Nope, there weer none that day.

@Jamy47 I have no idea what stake that was. Well that day there were no chips or other vegetables to mix with.
Still good tho.


It looked incredible mate I love shrimps too


My gril made a Kale and Turkey soup tonight…it was delicious!
And I made a P&J sandwich as a snack


My project of tostadas with amarantus and chia seeds is finally done! (still have to try how tasty they are deep fried).


Peanut butter and jelly? :joy::rofl: I thought these only existed in cartoons


It’s a classic American sandwich, it’s good.


As an adult I’ve never been able to eat anything sweet on a sandwich which is weird because as a kid I lived on jam sandwiches :rofl:


It’s an easy snack full of calories and a good way to make sure meet your calorie requirements :slight_smile: I mainly use it as a buffer food.


I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to sandwiches ham, cheese or tuna :heart_eyes:


Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle sandwich, that’s my thing.


Haha with a comment like that you just have to be from the UK


Haha yes, and also obviously a former uni student :grin:


I never lived at uni I studied part time but I remember having to steal toilet paper from a Travelodge for my mate because he couldn’t afford any in his halls :rofl::rofl:


Mate I lived with 2 other Brits and 3 Chinese girls, who were lovely until one night one of the other Brits brought a drunk guy home and he took a shit in one of the Chinese girls’ rice cooker. They didn’t think much of the English after that… Poor cows :disappointed:


Hahaha, It was an eye-opener that’s for sure, the state of their kitchen as well was awful no-one ever cleaned it! I would have still given a left bollock to live the student life style in terms of partying though lol


Not when you legit want some sleep and noisy twats are stumbling in at 4am on a Tuesday. Christ almighty.


I’m eating a hamberder that my friend Donnie bought me


Do you have covfefe to wash it down with?


If it helps I love pbj sandwiches!!


They are delicious! by the way what is the most common kind of jelly used P&J in the US? I kinda guess everything goes, but so far I prefer Strawberry and raspberry jam.