What are you eating or cooking?


Grape jelly is standard. I’m Greek so my favorite sandwich is Smuckers natural peanut butter which is just ground peanuts with fig jam on whole wheat bread


But you live in the US right? Grape Jelly isn’t really a thing here in Denmark. I use Peanut butter made from 100% peanuts.


I’m also from the US but like you, I much prefer strawberry and raspberry jams (especially raspberry) I don’t really care for the grape, but I do love actual grapes (go figure lol)


Raspberry is my favorit berry and jam, so it’s a no brainer that I would use it in P&J.


Grape jelly and chunky peanut butter from midwestern US’er here. :smiley:

I love them as well, but we rarely have real peanut butter because I’m fitness nut (pun intended) and have all those weirdly flavoured, high protein ones.


Managed to finally make a steak with a juicy texture that’s just right.


Yes I live in The US.


Nice job that looks great.


This looks incredible man ! Well grilled!


I’m British and it’s sunday, say no more!

(Cooked by my partner not me)

Portion size is ridiculous I know :joy: couldn’t finish it all


First time making Almond flour chocolate chip cookies. Gluten Free! Low carb low sugar and I Used dark chips but Needs more chips.


Low carb and low sugar and without gluten? What’s next? Cardboard covered in honey?


Why not I can make it taste good you’d never know. Lol

It’s low carb because there is no flour and the dark chips have less sugar they are 53% cacao. I used brown sugar instead of refined white.


The best chicken chow mein I ever had!



Ordered or cooked? That is the question (either way it looks delicious!!)


I made stir fry with chicken and sweet chilli sauce. Very tasty but the “hot and spicy” stir fry veg was not hot or spicy in the slightest. I like a bit of spice so very dissapointing.





I just ate this!
Before and after picture :grin:


You don’t have to prove you ate it, we believe you :yum:. I can’t eat fish like that, seeing it’s head and tail and everything isn’t for me. I only eat fish without the bones.