What are you eating or cooking?


I’m scared of fish bones since I was a kid. There were various times a bone got stuck in my throat. Later on I discovered by my grandfather that when this happens you need to chew a little a piece of bread and swallow it.
And it works! But I’m still afraid.
I ended up eating this with my fingers.


Pro tip right there, I will remember that one. Sometimes bones get left in by mistake so good to know.


I second this! I still to this day don’t eat any fish with bones in it, I had a bad experience with a Mackerel fish bone stuck and it was awful. I didn’t know about the bread trick though, might use this if I ever get brave and tuck into a full fish again lol




Yes, I like sarma




But it was delicious


Tomato soup?





Not another bowl, as long as I live.


I’ve seen some things today…


Corn Chowder :slight_smile:


Drinking green tea with honey while playing some Hitman, a daily ritual.


What am I eating tonight??

Don’t know, haven’t catched it yet …


I made Meatzza

500g Ground beef
1 egg
0.25 cup parmesan
Lot of herbs plus garlic.

A good tip is to bake it on high heat for 10 min and then drain it for fat, next add tomato sauce and mozzarella and finish it off in the oven.

Easy and tasty. Add what ever green you like, I only had tomato’s and spinach.


I made shlishkes


Ate this. Post workout meal!




Tonight is a good night :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: