What are you eating or cooking?


don’t know if I should cook it, or…






@misterkiller, that gave me a good belly laugh, thank you :joy::joy::joy::grin:


I was laughing hard myself :slight_smile:


Yesterday I ate this. It’s awesome. I never remember its name. I think it a dessert from northern Europe, maybe danish because in Copenhagen I saw a lot of pastry shop with this. In Italy it’s difficult to find it.


Only had a bone stuck once, salmon, got well and truly lodged in there and the bread thing didn’t work. Still love salmon but I’m a bit pickier about fish these days!

@SeanBernowicz your stuff looks good, wish I had time to do that.


That’s the most worse thing about fish. No matter how you careful, those little prickly bones get stuck in the most unreachable places. But I love fish no matter what


Some Ukrainian bread, knish

And some poppyseed roll


They are indeed Danish. It’s called a flødebolle, it means a Creambun. Also they are awesome.


Thank you. I love them. When I was a child they were sold in supermarket and I used to buy them. But now it’s rare finding them. Yesterday I ate flødeball in a chocolate fair in Bari and obviously I bought



Strange combination but it was really good.


St. Patrick’s Meal this Sunday


Liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti.


That’s not until next Sunday


Yes I know. I’ll do it again next Sunday!!


I wish patties day wasn’t so crazy in Chicago. Boston and Chicago are the biggest towns for it. From what I have read it’s more of a family holiday in Ireland. We just make it a booze festival. The same with true with Cinco de Mayo. I don’t know what’s a bigger shit show, patties day in Chicago or Cindo de Drinco in San Diego.


Made fried rice with beef, carrots, brocollie and portobello mushroom today for lunch.


Mate, that looks fit :star_struck: