What are you eating or cooking?


35g of Protein, 450 calories and some gold old fibers! A nice little dish to keep the fuel tank full!


Bro don’t put that in your fuel tank, you’re gonna bugger it up.


Looks like a damn good lunch! Can you make me one too?


Every holiday involves drink in Ireland. Don’t be fooled


Are these…dumplings?:face_with_monocle:


YesThis text will be blurred


Wunderbar! They look great!




Suddenly i’m in a pasta mood again



So, I got a hand-me-down air fryer a little while back. Not a shabby contraption. Did a steak in it not too long ago. 24oz porterhouse! Turned out freakin amazeballs. Had to put the mashed potatoes in a separate bowl cuz it was sooo big. Surprised and impressed.

Anyone else use an air fryer?


Welcome back!! Nice steak.


One day I’ll be rich enough to travel the world and I’m coming to all of your houses to eat.
Meanwhile here is what I found in the kitchen tonight.


Yes, I was shocked. A good dry rub and 12 minutes in the air fryer and it came out so juiced and tender and a perfect medium rare. I don’t do steak very often, usually just summer cookouts, but this makes it so easy I may have to increase my grocery budget. I haven’t done a ton with the air fryer yet, mostly just snack foods. Cooking hotdogs and reheating cold pizza it does an amazing job with. It is NOT an acceptable alternative to deep frying though, like the ads seem to try to claim. Oven quality results in close to microwave time but with none of the crappy microwave quality. The steak is the only “real” meal I’ve used it for so far. Very interested in doing chicken, fish and seafood dishes at some point.


The cheeky chicken donor meat and chips with extra-hot peri-peri sauce that is going to fuck my arsehole later on.



This is very weird in and out of context


Weird how? Standard fucking dinner, mate.


Ok I’ll put it in simple terms, it sounds like you’re going to shove that meat up your ass


How, the fuck, do you figure that? Where are you getting that impression?


You asked not me bro


Have you had extra hot peri-peri sauce before?