What are you eating or cooking?


It’s been a while since I had spaghetti and meatballs. My favorite recipe has a little bacon and crushed red pepper in the sauce.

Slowly making progress on the pizza. Dough turned out great this time, but I’m still working on the technique and getting the oven just right


Looks yummy!!!


There’s a great recipe for Dough from Jamie Oliver, I always used it for calzone. Camw out perfect everytime. I’ll see if I can dig it out :smile:


I’ll have to give it a try. I haven’t made calzones before. I ended up using this recipe for dough yesterday.

Had some awesome tomatoes from a produce stand too, but I think maybe I should’ve salted them and dried then off better beforehand. They were a little watery


Thing about pizza dough is you need a high protein high gluten flour. Bread flour is good but if you can find 00 fine italian flour that’s the best but it’s expensive.


I was actually using all purpose flour at the start, but bread flour worked much better, so I’ll definitely have to look for the 00. I think I’ve seen it mentioned in some pasta recipes too. I figure if it’s worth the time to make from scratch, it’s worth springing for good ingredients

Made some loaf bread for BLT sandwiches. Sorta overkill, but it turned out pretty well


Im on diet… and when i join the forum, i always come to this topic for some reason.


Here’s what you want.



Making some borscht for the heck of it. Hope its not poisoned otherwise I’ll end up like Fabian Fuchs. :grimacing:


“I never want to see another plate of borscht as long as I live” Yurishka, 2000.


That looks good!!!


Indeed. Don’t think I’ve ever had borscht. I’m rather curious about cooking with beets, because I can’t stand the pickled ones in a can that are all you see people eat around here.

Thought I’d make some pesto to test out the mortar and pestle I got. Perhaps with pan-fried salmon and some pasta or veggies.

[edit] Dinner turned out pretty good, though I forgot to snap a photo. Linguine with potato, fresh green beans and pesto, the salmon and some good italian bread I didn’t make. Pesto turned out pretty awesome, but it used a ton of basil and took a while to get everything ground evenly.

I’m up early this morning making pulled pork - my grandmother wants to have a family get-together this weekend and I’ll have to work, so I’m smoking the pork shoulder in advance and heating it up in the crock pot with some sauce for the big day. Not quite as good as making it fresh, I’m sure, but I hope it’ll turn out well.


Just bought a new forno bravo pizza stone!!!


Had some old bananas and made Banana coconut brownies. Like a mounds bar with banana. Was feeling a little tropical I guess. It came out awesome!


Hehe… Some years ago I had a choclate pizza in Cape Verde. Obviously some kind of dessert!
Choclate pizza


I dunno about chocolate pizza, but an old coworker of mine would make a dessert pizza that was pretty good with fruit jam and cream cheese.

I wouldn’t have thought of putting banana in brownies, but now that I think about it that’s a pretty awesome combination.

Can’t say I’m familiar with those. Did you order it online?

My grandmother is always after me to make manicotti, so I’ve been experimenting with ways to make it ahead and freeze it. I tried a technique for presoaking the pasta so it’ll cook in the sauce, but the texture wasn’t great. Maybe I’ll go back to just boiling them first… the sauce was awesome though. Cooked in the oven for 5 or 6 hours


@krelian speaking of pork


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I’ve been over a month wanting to have some Asado Negro with Patacones… hard for me to make tho, I barely know how to serve myself dry cereal lol. I’l just google them up for you.