What are you eating or cooking?


The perks of my job :sunglasses: “stole” this flank steak today


Love flank. Nice…


Yes sorry stupid spell check. It’s a Forno Bravo. They are known for their wood fired pizza ovens.


Went to a pretty new and somewhat underdog restaurant today. They specialize in making bread, which basically means all kinds of ssndwiches and burgers. But they also sell some salads and meats too.

I ate this “mexican burger” and it was the shit. Bread was of an amazing taste, and coloured red as reference to the spice and the flag. It contained juicy grilled meat, hot chilly sauce, pico de gallo, guacamole sauce, fried eggs, nachos, cheese, lettuce and onions. All in a very slim, yet very tall burger. They served it with additional nachos with cheese and ground meat (is this the name? Google translate!). One of the best meals I had in a while.

@scm97tl does this sound like an actual representation of what you make?


Actually, it is pretty Mexican style.


That burger sounds pretty awesome though. I enjoy a good old fashioned burger, but they rarely catch my interest enough without some sort of theme or gimmick. Melty queso, spicy sauce and guac sounds like a winning flavor combo, and it has some good textural elements, but the egg seems a little odd on there.

Awesome. I haven’t liked any of the stones I’ve used, but they were much thinner than those Forno Bravo ones


Croissants, freshly baked to perfection. I took the liberty of not making it with cheap margarine like the supermarket versions, used some butter! Crisp on the outside, warm and nice inside. I usually make these so I don’t need any croissants from a supermarket, I can tone them to my liking!


They look great. Very uniform!


I’ve always wanted to try making croissants, but I never get around to it.

In other news, my pies keep erupting


You’ll eventually get it right. Just patience.:slight_smile:


No pics, because I couldn’t wait to eat and it’s mostly just shells and casing left, but I’m eating steamed crawfish and some Cajun sausage I’ve never heard of before with brocolli, a potato and corn on the cob. Still getting over how many legs there are in one box.


I went pescetarian a couple months ago so one of my main meals nowdays is to fry some onions, caramelise it, throw on some basil or cumin, chopped avocado and tuna/mozzarella/eggs. Wrap it up in a tortilla with some quark (not the Star Trek kind)

Quark is also good with pineapples and honey.


What’s quark? Sounds good


That’s typical with lattice pies unfortunately. Looks great though.


It’s sort of like cottage cheese, but more lean protein. Never really see it anywhere on the shelves. My local supermarket just started selling it.


Just made a pot of homemade chicken soup. Nothing like it!


Yours looks delicious @Chef-assassin, but for whatever reason, this is my poison of choice when it comes to soup.


Behold the almighty presence of multiple donuts.


(changed the pic to show y’all the other donuts)


All you can fill up in a tupperwear container Chinese for the price of £3.95.
Chicken Curry, beef black Bean sauce, sweet sour chicken, crispy chicken, spicy lean pork, chow Mein and vegetable spring rolls. YUMMY!!