What are you eating or cooking?


When you read flavoured it usually means that a compound (usually a mix of artificial flavours or some natural ones) is used to give a taste to the food. It isn’t something bad, because they actually tell you that they use flavours IDENTICAL or SIMILAR to the natural one.


Coca-Cola has no coca leaves nor cola nuts. I find it funny actually.


Nashville hot chicken (Hattie B copycat recipe). It’s soooo damn good! Just realized I forgot the bread to soak up the sauce with. Dammit!


Looks Yummy and spicy!


KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Creams, Subway


Creams? Never heard of?


That shit will kill you and KFC grows chickens with extra wings. It’s a science experiment and also can be discussed in the conspiracy thread lol.


Err. A dessert restaurant. Waffles, crepes, pancakes, ice cream (obvs). My favourite is Waffles with M&Ms

It’s been 14 years of about 70% Fast food a year and feeling fine so far. :wink:


Yeah it’s pretty spicy :smiley: About 2lbs of chicken breast, 2 tbs of hot sauce in the dip and 4 tbs of cayenne in the sauce. 1tbs of brown sugar gives it a nice little crunch too.


first food i’ve ever cooked


Nothing wrong with keeping it simple. Those fries look great!


Very nice. Nice fries!


Fries look amazing, they take work to get right. You should be proud.

I love tiny burgers. Is that beef, or something else?


Speaking of tiny sammiches these are my favorite sliders: http://www.the-girl-who-ate-everything.com/2010/04/ham-and-cheese-sliders.html
I make them with King’s Hawaiian rolls. Been a while but I can literally eat 12 in a sitting. Also, I’ll try to keep future replies to something I am currently eating. Sorry! I’m hungry!


thanks! i didn’t do a great job on the burger as i hoped i would since i added too many onions, and the burger had a bit of a strong onion taste. but the fries were yummy.

thanks. actually that burger patty is actually 0.75 inches thick! it is beef.

after looking at many online sources i decided to use russet potatoes for the fries, and i do not regret it. i added a bit of salt, but also pepper because why not.


Happy New Year! Why not start the year off with some brownies.


Tonight’s quick dinner. Spanish style paella with chorizo, saffron and tomatoes. So good!


What the fuck? Please explain this for me.


What’s to explain? Paella is a rice dish and chorizonis a spicy sausage yum


Sorry if I came in too cocky when saying that. You’re the professional after all, I should know better than to come in that tone. However I would like to discuss a bit about what you showed and what you’re saying, because there are inconsistencies between those and what I know.

The thing with paellas is that it is a dish that has become widely known all over the world and, as every dish that trascends a border, it tends to change. Sometimes the recipe for what may be called a paella on (eg) Tunysia may be unrecognizeable as a paella in Spain. Precisely, I have not ever known of a paella that simply uses chorizo and tomatoes. In fact when I have heard of paellas that use chorizo or pork in general; it is mostly in jokes and or insults, never taken seriously. In spain you would have to add chicken and hare to make it resemble what they think of when they think of a paella (at least accordig to my experience). So in that sense, even if your meal seems tasty as hell and I agree that sometimes the simplest recipe works better; I can’t really see the spanish style on that dish. Actually I can’t see chorizo in that dish. I can only see what I believe are chistorras. So give me your take on this, please.