What are your dream settings/locations for Hitman levels?

Hello, I’m new to the forum, sorry if I’m duplicating a thread.

I have a little theory going as to what makes a particularly fun setting for a Hitman level; I started thinking about future maps/locations I’d want to see, and noticed a pattern in the ideas I’d thought of. I’d love to know what locations/settings other people would want to play in a Hitman game, and I’m curious if my theory stands up to any of your suggestions.

This is not about mechanics or features, (though you may include them if they’re vital to the location) just ideal locations that would make you excited to play Hitman in general.

FYI, at the bottom is a very, very long and detailed list of locations I’d like. Feel free to read it all, parts, or none. Also feel free to go into as much, or as little detail as you’d like.

Here’s a much shorter version of locations I’d enjoy:

  • Office Building/High Rise Tower
  • Airport
  • Prison
  • Neighbourhood - Rural England/Europe
  • Theme Park
  • University/College
  • Hospital/Retirement Home
  • Mansion
  • A large Sporting Event

Below is my long ass, detailed list of most above.


Office Building/High Rise Tower
An expensive, if slightly generic, office building in the centre of a large city. Elevator and stairs used to move about, and outside beside it, a new high rise tower under construction.


  • Ground floor: Reception area, waiting area, security offices, and closets.
  • Office Floor: Rows and rows of generic cubical offices, full of office workers, cleaners, and a few small offices.
  • Mid-Level Management Floor: Above that, a more open area with less people wandering around. Consists of larger offices and larger meeting rooms for management and higher ups.
  • Executive Floor: Huge Offices, receptions, huge meeting areas, and possible access to a roof helicopter.
  • Floor Under Renovation: Between these floors would be an area full of construction workers, fully renovating a floor. It could have access across a walkway, to the adjacent high tower under construction.
  • Tower Under Construction: A bare bones tower, full of construction workers, mostly to be used for the player to move about, snipping, or for escape.
  • Roof: Window cleaners taking a break with access to a service ‘bucket’ that moves up and down outside of the building, to clean the windows. Useful for breaking into offices, or shooting someone through a window.

Disguises: Office workers, VIP individual there for a tour, cleaners, construction workers, security, window cleaners, management, etc.

Escape Routes: Ground floor entrance, Helicopter on the roof, and construction site elevator.

I’m surprised this one’s never been done, as far as I’m aware, no Hitman games have been set in an Airport.


  • Entrance/Check in: Granted not a lot could be done here without being seen, but it could give access to back rooms, restrooms, security offices, and small shops.
  • Back Room Areas: Luggage management, Security Offices, Offices for detaining people, Staff Restrooms, VIP lounge areas
  • Air Tower: Small offices, restrooms, & outside walkways. Useful for sniping or causing distractions through changing flight schedules etc.
  • Underground Train Station: Luggage to mess with, restrooms, and access to an underground sewer.
  • Car Park: Security checkpoints, and sewer access. Car alarms could be used for distractions, and wandering tourists.
  • Sewer Access: An underground tunnel system to let you move around and access areas of the airport.

Disguises: Security, Airport Staff, Cleaners, Professional Drivers, Police etc.

Escapes routes: Car Park, Underground Train Station, Sewer, Helicopter/Small Planes, etc.

This is one of my favourite ideas, mostly because it would play very different depending on if you disguised as a prisoner, prison staff member, or stayed as a visitor. While there may not be as many areas that are secluded, it would give a huge possibility to opportunities and events for the player to create. Such as prisoner meetings, fights, riots, parole meetings, visitors, etc.


  • Yard, Prison Cells, Cafeteria: Row and row of prisoners cells, accessed by you as a prisoner, or ‘inspected’ while as a guard. Lots of walkways going around the cells, yard, and cafeteria. Including guard towers useful for sniping, and opportunities for inciting riots.
  • Security Offices: CCTV, room/door controls, weapons, riot gear, and disguises.
  • Visitation Room: Phones, desks, metal detectors, civilian entrances, Etc.
  • Medical Wing: Medical equipment, disguises, opportunities with injured staff/prisoners etc.
  • Other areas: Laundry Room, Warden’s Office, Offices, Parole Office, Solitary Confinement, Execution Room

Disguises: Prisoner, Doctor, Parole Officer, Prison Guard, Visitor, Public Official, Riot Officers etc.

Exits: Main Entrance, Office Back Entrance, Sewer/Escape Tunnel built by a prisoner.

Neighbourhood - Rural England/Europe
Basically ‘A New Life’ but a larger area in a more rural setting.

Small Homes, Corner Shops, Markets, Supermarkets, Bakeries, Small Banks, Post Office, and a Police Station. Also a large farm and/or mansion area.

Disguises: Delivery Guy, Police Officer, Rubbish Collector, Repairman, Bank Worker, Farmer, and other Domestic Disguises.

Exits: Delivery van, police car, public bus, train, etc.

Other Ideas I couldn’t be bothered to expand on:
Theme Park, University/College, Hospital/Retirement Home, Mansion, and large a Sports Event.


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