What are your PC keybinds?


HITMAN (2016) was the first Hitman game that I played on PC with a controller, and I continue to do so in HITMAN 2.
Previous to that, I hadn’t touched a Hitman game on a console until Absolution.

I really like how optimized the gamepad control scheme is in H1 and H2.
Except when I have to aim with pinpoint precision at an alarming speed.

Fast Target is great, but doesn’t work on things besides people and cameras, and turning Aim Assist on or off doesn’t seem to do much…
And sadly the game doesn’t offer any options regarding aim acceleration, stick deadzone, etc.

So sometimes I see myself dropping the gamepad and reach for the mouse, but this is hard to do so when trying to beat a mission as fast as possible.

I’d like to be able to occasionally play with mouse and keyboard, but there’s a separate key for every single action.
Stretching your index finger to Take Disguise (T), Use Item (G) or Drag Body (B)? How about pressing Z to drop an item while running?

You can’t even bind the mouse wheel to other functions because they’re bound to the sniper zoom.
If only you could bind a key to two actions, one being a press and another a hold…

Anyway, with the exception of using my mouse’s two additional buttons, I don’t even know where to start configuring a more comfortable layout.

Have you customized your keyboard and mouse layout? What changes have you done?
Feel free to share your keybinds.



I’m ok with this


I use Z for dropping items, tab for the inventory and the weird apostrophe looking key above Tab for the map.

Other than that I just use the defaults; using T to change disguises isn’t too annoying.

I should think about changing the buttons for unpacking the briefcase though, Y and G are not good bindings.


personally i changed drop item to (G), conceal item in briefcase to (3), and use keycard to my side mouse buttons


Instinct 2, Crouch is Space, drop item is V, “Agility Actions” is X, take disguise is Z, drag body is C

It’s strange but I’m used to them now, and all my main buttons surround WASD

Although I set T for cover, and it makes me press that when dropping down, which can get annoying


Q … Cover
E … Interact
R … Reload
T … Disguise change
F … Pick up item
Z … Surrender
X … Drag body
C … Crouch
V … Camera shoulder
Shift … Running
Ctrl … Instinct
Space … Melee
Alt … Vault
Wheel down … Inventory
MMB … Holster
MB1 … Retrieve/Conceal Briefcase
MB2 … Item Place
MB4 … Drop Item
MB5 … Use item


Now that’s wacky. But that’s what makes PC/M+K great, customization.


only thing i changed was
TAB to invetory
MS4 for melee
Q for dragging bodies


I’m seeing some good ideas, thou T, G, V keys are already out of my comfort zone…

@C2H6O Do you still have Wheel Down for zoom?

Yesterday I literally had to drawing a schematic because the rebinding process is pretty bad.

I understand that the game does not want to have any key unbound at any time, but instead of constantly warning you that a key is already in use, it should just swap them.

Anyway, this is what I ended up with:

Interact          E
Agility           Space
Cover             Ctrl
Drag Body         1
Melee             Q
Use Item          F
Disguise          3
Run               Shift
Reload            R
Instinct          Alt
Camera Shoulder   MB5
Crouch            C
Holster           MB3
Precision Aim     Shift
Drop Item         X
Inventory         Tab
Surrender         < (key to the right of "Shift", below "Caps Lock")
Item Placement    Caps Lock
Briefcase         2
Open Map          \ (key to the left of "1")

I still prefer gamepad controls, but this is way more manageable, no more stretching fingers, no more stopping to perform actions I’d normally do while moving.

The only thing that’s missing is Walk Slow, but where is it needed outside of sneaking in bushes? Besides, this configuration is for playing fast. :smiley:

I might change the Camera Shoulder and free that mouse button for something more practical.

One thing that surprised me was that there are still actions that require a key to be held, so it’s odd that the game won’t allow for more duplicate keybinds.