What Do We Need The Most In HITMAN (poll please vote)

    • First Person View
    • Human Shield
    • Tranquiliser Gun (shooting someone dosent kill them but pacifys them that woud be great as a sniper ammo)
    • The Mysterious Black Rubber Duck and The Sniper Briefcase that is in the game Files (also some explanation for it)
    • Cheats (woud deactivate the challenges)

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Simple but Needed changes before Season 2

Optimisation!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok, I know. I will shut up.

No, I won’t. Optimisation, please!


The game NEEDS none of these things. A tranq gun would be a nice addition, but not as sniper ammo


Human the fuck shield!


beating a dead horse


cheat codes would be nice.

gravity off- unlimited ammo- goofy stuff like that.


thats fucking sick


I’m suprised so many people want human shield.
I barely used it during gameplay,it was overpowered


What?! There’s no visible fiber wire option?


Yeah, like Paintball Mode, DK Mode, etc. in Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.


could create some real works of art with all the bullets the AI shoots.



Adjustable walking speed. FOV settings. New animations, especially for fiber wire. Suburban level. Bam, we got ourselves a perfect game.


Why is the briefcase in the same option as a rubber duck? I think the beat option would be the briefcase, and making snipers illegal even for guards (or at least suspicios for other guards). And I don’t think they owe us an explanation, they already said they couldn’t finish it in time the way they intended to be. But I’d definitely would choose the briefcase.


Human shield all the way! LOVED that.


theres one already in game
(or then i dont get what you mean)


Yup, but the fiber wire is not visible when using it. This is because the animations from Absolution were reused.


You missed one option: none of these. And that’s what I vote for.

I can’t vote black duck until I know what it is. Briefcase? Don’t want. Smuggle points are better.

Tranquilizer gun might be OP’d. Not sure I’d want that. If they would wake up from it like how Assassins Creed Black Flag and Origins does, then it would be fine, I guess. But still not sure I’d want that in hitman.


I don’t need anything out of listed items in HITMAN. All I need is a good binocular.


I voted the briefcase but really I think we just need portable containers in general. Obviously wont happen in HITMAN 2016 but hopefully in the next game. Being able to carry the WA2000 in a briefcase is one thing but being able to place any small item in containers and have those containers carried through frisk searches and metal detectors by unsuspecting NPCs would be nice too.